20 Goals in 2020

The New Year is here and just like any other years, we make resolutions and goals. If you don’t have any goals for 2020 yet, it’s good to start thinking. These goals are meant to help inspire us to to take actions towards living the life we want to live. I’ve written out 20 goals below. They are not necessarily my own goals, but they are samples to help you when you think and write your 20 goals for this year.

1. Quit your current job. If you are not enjoying your current job, it’s time to quit and do something that you love.

2. Travel to a place that you’ve never been before. It could be a state or a country that you’ve never been before.

3. Save at least $500 a month. Or maybe more depending on your income.

4. Spend less on things that we don’t need. We’ve all been there. We bought something from the store because our friend said it was nice and cheap, but once we got home, it’ll just be sitting in our closet. So before you purchase something, ask yourself if you are gonna wear it. If not, put it back even if it’s 70% discount.

5. Journal often. It’s good to release your thoughts and ideas by writing them down. Who knows? 5 years later when you read it, you’ll see how much things have changed and how much you have grown.

6. Be hydrated and make drinking water a habit. Not soda, not alcohol. Just water.

7. Post a vlog on YouTube. If you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel, add this into the list.

8. Read at least 1 book each month. Regardless how busy you are, take time to read a book.

9. Commit to a daily skincare routine. No more skipping washing your face because you are too tired and no more going to bed with makeup on.

10. Dress up more often. If you are like me who always wear basic tee and jeans, it’s time to wear that cute dress and nice tops more often.

11. Declutter your room every month. Look around your room and see what you no longer need. Donate it or sell it online.

12. Stop comparing with others. If you are someone who keeps comparing with other people, it’s time to stop and start being comfortable with yourself.

13. Sleep at least 8 hours every night. How many of you always stay up late at night to binge watch Netflix? Well, this year, it’s time to stop sacrificing your sleep for Netflix.

14. Pamper yourself once a week. It could be as simple as putting a sheet mask on while reading your favorite book or when you reorganize your room.

15. Use body lotion. Not only it’s time to take care of your face, but give your body some attention as well. Especially your dry hands and legs.

16. Play a sport once a week. It could be badminton, basketball, floorball… anything that makes you sweat. It’s a good exercise and at the same time, you get to have fun.

17. Learn a new language. As long as we are alive, we need to constantly learn something new.

18. Try something new. This year, go out from your comfort zone and do something that you’ve never done before. It could be emceeing on stage or performing in front of an audience.

19. Stop saying yes if you already have too many things on your plate. New roles? Additional workload? A favor? It’s okay to say no if you are already struggling with whatever you have on your plate. Don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily.

20. Lastly, focus on what makes you happy. Spend time with yourself and have some alone time. Find out what makes you happy and do the things that excite you.

There you have it! What’s your 20 goals in 2020?

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