Day 10 : Surrounded by Amazing People

Hello my lovely readers,

Here’s day 10 of my 365 happiness. Can’t believe I’ve been posting 10 days in a row!! I’m so proud of myself. Haha… 355 more to go! 😉

photo 1 (3)Since it’s Labor Day today, I went out with mum and had lunch with her. We got ourselves Flipflop and I’m so excited to announce that this is my very first pair. Do you know there’s technology in those shoes?! You can read more on the shoes here. There is a story about the shoes too. It’s about a lady that always went jogging when she was younger. But after she has a child, she couldn’t jog as often anymore so she went to a shoemaker and told him to make a shoe that she could walk around comfortably and at the same time helps her “exercise”. So the shoemaker made this shoe for her and after wearing for a few months, she felt that her legs are stronger and toned. And that’s when she decided to open a company and sell those shoes.

photo 2 (3)As for dinner, I went out with these awesome people for dinner. Again, we had tomyam! :p Rebecca and Josh are back and since tomyam is their favorite, we decided to go there. Turned up, lots of people came. More than expected. Haha… But like what they always said, the more the merrier! 😉 Wished I could spend more time with Rebecca though. Don’t always get to see her as she hardly comes back to Penang. And she’s here only for the weekends this time. Oh well, there will always be next time. (^.^)


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