Day 7 : Throwback

photo 4

Was clearing some pictures in my phone when I saw this. This picture was taken after we came back from leaders retreat and that was one of the best Saturday nights I had. We went to Telok Bayan for supper and it was a night filled with laughter! Can’t believe some of them will be leaving soon. It’s like we’re finally close to one another. If only time could slow down a little… 🙁

photoSince we’re on the topic “throwback”, might as well post this too. Went for Tomyam with these people the other day. Took a picture but forgot to post. Kean Chan was on leave that day and it’s been a while since we had tomyam. It’s not just any ordinary tomyam, but it’s Raja Uda’s famous tomyam!! 😀 Of course we didn’t went to the one in Raja Uda. It’s too far. We went to the stall near Penang Hill. It was owned by the owner’s son, so it tastes as good, I guess. Didn’t try the one in Raja Uda…yet. (^.^)


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