Day 4 : Great Time in CG

photo 1 (2)

Since January of this year, SWAT (Students with a Testimony) CG moved out from church because we’ve found a home (CG stands for Cell Group, btw). And since then, SWAT has been growing in numbers. Almost every week, we have new friends joining us and mum will cook/buy yummy food.

photo 2 (2)

They are the reason that I look forward to Fridays because of CG. 🙂 Last year, SWAT only had 4 regulars. This year, we have around 10-12 people every week! It’s only April now and it’s amazing to see how much SWAT has grown. God really works wonders when we are rested in Him.

photo 4 (1)This picture was taken on Friday during my day 4 of 365 Happiness. 😉 I didn’t expect SWAT to grow  this fast. All I wanted was to see them coming consistently and to build a stronger bond.  Did I mention that we have a few international students as well? 😀 Yup, we have students from Korea, Thailand and also Japan.


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