Day 2 : Favorite Snack

Hello readers!

Okayyy… Normally, I don’t really like to go Kim Gary. I just don’t feel the food there is nice. I don’t know… Maybe I always order the wrong choice of food when I’m there. For those that enjoy Kim Gary’s food, what is nice there? A little help here please so I don’t order the wrong one again.

photo 2But then a few days ago, I tried this and mannn….it’s amazing!!! Instantly fell in love with it. <3 Dad bought the vouchers where every month there will be a complimentary snack or dessert. In the month of April, the complimentary was this snack – Special Sausage Roll. It tastes so yummy!! It’s sausage rolled with ham, cheese, bread, and coated with bread crumbs. I shall try to make this one day and have it for breakfast or during tea time. It’s quite filling though, and maybe that’s one of the reason why I wanna try to make this. 😉


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