Campus Outing: Barbecue by the Beach


Hello readers…

As you can read from the title above, today’s post is about barbecue outing. *Yipee* Okay, so yesterday, my fellow friends and I went to the beach for barbecue. It wasn’t the barbecue I expected at first, because the 1st thing that comes into my mind when we decided to go for barbecue is “barbecue pit”. I mean what is barbecue without the pit, right? But when Florence (our lovely zone leader) said we’re not gonna use the pit, I kept thinking “how are we gonna barbecue without the pit?” (I know there are other ways, but all the barbecues I had before are all with pits! Heh…)

So how do we barbecue without pits? Well, here’s what we did… (actually it’s what the guys who used to be boys scouts did, cuz they were the ones that started the fire and all… 😉 Thank God for boys scout!)

photo (11)

photo (13)

photo (14) Finally!!! We can eat!! *Yum Yum* :p

Oh, before that, I took some pictures while waiting for the guys to set up the fire. So, let me introduce them to you! :p

photo (9)Jonathan, me & John

photo (7)

Us with Eugene…

photo (3)

The beautiful ladies – Celine & Rebecca

photo (4)

Amos (my brother), Mandy & Desmond

photo (5)

Florence & Aik Khuan

photo (15)

With Joshua and Kent

I didn’t take any pictures after that as it was dark. It rained while we were eating halfway (and talking, of course), but it stopped within 5 minutes. *God heard our prayers.* Haha… Overall, it was fun. I had an enjoyable time, not only because it’s my 1st time having barbecue using this method *roll eyes*, but also because of the people I’m with that evening. Those crazy and amazing people that brought laughter into my life. 😀


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