Youth Camp ’10

Went for youth camp on the 12th December to 15th December and the theme for this year is Generation R (Generation Revolution). It was held in Harvest Haven, Gopeng, Ipoh and I really enjoyed myself there. I get to meet new friends and at the same time, bond closer with my old friends. You know, get to know them even more. It was really amazing and there were 3 salvations too! Praise God!! The speaker was Pastor Joshua and I really like his sermon. Okay, enough talking… It’s time for videos and pictures as they speak louder than words. The videos you’re about to see, were taken by Wilson Moy and most of the pictures were taken by Ru Sern and Qing Ling as we left our cameras and phones in our room most of the time. About the videos, Wilson used his iPhone 4 and also an application called “iMovie” to create this awesome video.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

And now it’s time for pictures!!

In the bus (From left : Rachel, Me & Samuel Ong)

The guy behind us is Manfred. He’s one of the game masters!

SK with his funny face… XD

My roommates… (From top left : Rachel, Debra, Janice & me)

We had such a great time together laughing and just being crazy!

Games!! As you can see, most of them have flour all over their body. haha…

My teammates… We won!! (except the drama). I’m really happy to have them as my teammates. Most of them, we see each other in church, but we hardly talk cuz there’s no topic. But thanks to this camp, we got closer and get to know each other more!! Of course, there were new people too!!

Drama!! (From left : Dominic, Chen Yik & Joshua Chen) They’re acting as bullies!

And lastly, Dominic turns 16 in camp!! Btw, he’s my team leader! 😀

That’s all!! I think the videos already tell a lot about what we did there. I just want to Thank all the committee members for making this camp such a success, the worship team, media team, and not to mention the 2 awesome game masters – Desmond & Manfred!!

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