Happy Feet Fish Spa at New World Park, Penang

After dinner at Nyonya Cafe, we went to try out Fish Spa which is located just right next to the Nyonya Cafe. This is our first time at the Fish Spa and it was so funny. When the fishes (which are called Nibble Fish) started to swarm our feet, we felt the initial first minutes of ticklish and we keep on laughing non-stop. You should had seen my mum. She laugh the loudest. Here are a little bit of information on Fish Therapy.

Fish Therapy is a type of the Spa found in  around the world espescially in Asia. It is known for its therapeutic relaxation at the nibbling of a unique fish, commonly known as Nibble Fish. Fish Spa is totally fun and yet relaxing experience for everyone and at the same time, beneficial for both beauty and overall body wellness. It is originated hundreds of years ago from Asia Middle East’s hot springs and has more than 10 different types of fishes which can be categorized to 2 major species ‘Licker’ and ‘Striker’. They are different in physical outlook but both are known for their ability to seek and nibble our dead cells from our skin, leaving it smoother and softer, even after only one session of therapy. The nibbling effects from the Nibble Fish creates a micro-massage on our feet which is equivalent to tiny electrical jolts to stimulate better blood circulation and activate our body’s nerve endings, which are all at our feet and soles. Here are some pictures taken while my family and I were at the Fish Spa.

P8280041My brother & my mum. (Look at my mum… It’s so ticklish that she can even laugh like this! LOL)

P8280044The fishes are nibbling at my feet. I kinda enjoy it!

P8280051I’m sure the fishes enjoy nibbling at my dad’s feet. Heehee…

P8280045Family picture.

P8280056Me enjoying while the fishes are nibbling!

For those who haven’t been to Fish Spa before, you guys should really try. It’s really fun and I’m very sure you’ll enjoy it!

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