Holiday to Singapore (Day 2)

~ 8th December 2006 (Friday)

We woke up at 7.00a.m and to get ready for some adventure again. My dad went for his seminar and we decided to go to the Singapore Zoo today. My mum got 3 tickets and again we followed a tour group there. Inside the bus, the tour leader talked about the interesting things in the zoo to get us all excited.

In the zoo, we started with the tram ride round the zoo and across the soothing nature. After the ride, we had our breakfast at the zoo. They called it “Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife”. It was actually having a breakfast with the orang utan. We enjoyed our breakfast and took some pictures of us together with the orang utan and the snake. Next, we went to see the polar bears feeding time. The zoo keeper showed us the two huge polar bears and the tricks they could do. It was amazing. Then they reward the polar bears with their favourite food, fish!

After that, we went for an animal show. It was an exciting wild adventure filled with spectacular aerial feats of primates and the aquatic brilliance of lovable sea lions, snakes, monkeys, otters and many more. We enjoyed watching the animals doing all kinds of tricks. Then we saw the white tigers. It was very rare to see white tigers but we saw it in Singapore Zoo. After the zoo, we went to Orchard Road for shopping again. But this time, we bought some clothes, accessories and many other stuffs.

In the evening, we went back to the hotel and my dad came back early from his seminar. So, we all decided to go to the “Night Safari” by joining a tour group.

When we reached there, we took a 45-minutes tram ride covering 3.2km to catch endearing antics of rhinos, elephants, giraffes, tapirs, tigers and lions, along with a variety of birds. The setting is bathed in shadowy half-light, so the creatures are largely oblivious to our presence. After the ride, we took our dinner while some went for the “creatures of the night show” and some went on the “walking trails”. While having our dinner, there were some dance performances and entertainment.

After our dinner, we decided to go on the walking trails. There are 3 safari’s walking trail that are the “Fishing Cat Trail”, the “Leapord Trail” and the “Forest Giants Trail”. We don’t have enough time as the bus was leaving at 10.00p.m. So, we only went for the “Forest Giants Trail”. Along the trail, we saw many kinds of animals such as the tigers, rhinos, hyena and many other interesting small animals. The walk took us about 20 minutes only.

We then went back to our hotel after the tour to Singapore’s night safari. We took our bath and immediately went to bed. We were all very tired after all the day’s walking but yet still happy about the night safari. In fact, I would encourage those going to Singapore to visit their day and night zoo. It is really worth the time and money.

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