Holiday to Singapore (Leaving Penang)

My dad got a seminar to attend there and decided to bring the whole family along. We went there on the 6 December 2006 and came back on the 9th December (But reach Penang early in the morning on the 10th). We went there by bus. Let me share with you on my wonderful trip to Singapore….

~ 6th December 2006 (Wednesday)

I was really excited about it and helped my mum to pack all our belongings. My younger brother, Amos was also very excited but he was playing computer and not helping me to pack. So, I have to pack everything for him. Then about 8.30p.m, my grandpa came to fetch us to the bus station which was not very far away.

When I stepped inside the bus, I was quite surprised. The bus was big and there were only 18 seats. The seats were comfortable that I could easily fell asleep. The bus started leaving at 9.30p.m. Every two hours, the bus would stop for the passengers to go to the restrooms. I could hardly sleep inside the bus.(It was the first time I’ve travelled by bus as we normally travel by plane and I was also too excited). So, I listened to my mp3 player until I fell asleep. We reached Singapore about 7.30a.m. and caught a taxi to the River View hotel where we will be staying for our holiday.

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