The Only Way to Grow is to Let Go

When we were all kids, our parents are the ones that took care of us and making sure that we are growing strong and healthy. They will give us their best in providing our needs and there is nothing for us to worry because we knew that they will always be there for us. But as we grow older, we want to explore and try new things and that’s when the problem begins – they couldn’t let go.

This post is specially written to all the parents out there who find it hard to let their children go. Here’s an inside scoop on what’s going on in their mind and why they want to leave home. I’m writing this as a perspective of a daughter and I’m not here to condemn anyone but to express my opinions. My mum and dad are one of those parents that couldn’t let me go. And I’m already 22 years old!

But first, to the not-so-little children out there (I’m referring to those that are already 18 years old and above)… As we grow older, we would want to see the world and there are so many things out there for us to explore, and sometimes we would like to further our studies or apply for a job in another state or country. But the our only obstacle is our parents; partly because our they don’t allow us to go and come out with all sorts of reasons like “that place isn’t safe”, “it’s too far”, “you won’t be able to handle it on your own”, “you’re not independent enough” or the most common one… “There are lots of universities and colleges here. Why would you want to go so far just to get a certificate back?” Those reasons are valid, but we all know there were all excuses and not their main reason on why we cannot go.

You see… Partly they don’t want you to go is because they love you and they couldn’t imagine you living in a dangerous world without them. They couldn’t stop thinking what if something bad would happen to you and they’re not there to protect you. I don’t blame them for this because they have been with us for at least 17 years! That’s a long time and it’s hard to let go of something you treasure so much. Imagine giving away something you love!

But parents… If we never get out of our comfort zone now, then when can we ever get out of our comfy bubble? One day we will have to move out and move on as a young adult to tackle our own issues, without the security of knowing that your watchful care is always going to be near. If we don’t fall and fail, how can we ever grow and learn? Dr. Jonas Salk once said “Good parents give their children roots and wings—roots to know where home is and wings to fly off and practice what has been taught them.” How can we practice what you’ve taught us when we can’t use our wings? It’s like you’ve given us wings, but don’t want us to fly. says that if you never let a child test their wings by moving a little further away from the parents’ care, then sometimes they end up developing the symptoms of fear, extreme shyness or a social phobia and end up being afraid of moving forward in life. Not all kids will develop psychological or emotional fears because of overprotective parents, but it can be one of several factors that slow down their personal development and inner strength to move forward toward the next stage of life. Yes, I know it’s hard for you to do it because of love, but remember, part of that love is to equip us (your children) and prepare us to one day leave the nest to literally launch forward. Continue reading →


Day 16 : Swimming x Lunch + Friends = Awesome Time

photo 2 (9)Aloha readers!! From the long equation of title above, I guess you know what’s my happiness for today and what is this post about. Hehe… 😉

photo 4 (6)So today I went swimming with a few friends. And look how clean the pool is today! It’s so much better compared to yesterday. And since I get to swim today, I’m a happy girl! To add on to that, since I get to swim WITH my friends, I’m a super duper happy girl! :p It was a nice morning for a swim. The weather is not too hot and the water is not too cold.

photo 2 (10)j

Before we hit the pool, let’s take a selfie. Lol. With Xue Qi in this picture.

photo 1 (11)

Xue Qi attempting to take a picture. We ended up taking lots of pictures that we took pictures more than swimming. Lol. But it was fun trying to pose underwater. Not easy!

photo 1 (10)

Our first selfie taken underwater! Lol… With the goggles on, we look kinda scary huh? XD

photo 1 (9)

After a few attempts, I think this picture is the only one that turns out nice. Not only it’s not easy to pose underwater, it’s not easy to take picture underwater too! You can hardly see a thing! Hence, it’s hard to see if everyone is in the frame or not. But it was a good experience. Both posing and taking pictures underwater.

photo 3 (7)

Our last picture in the pool. With Joshua, his friend, Xuen and Xue Qi.

So after swimming, we showered and went for lunch. Although the weather was nice, but we got tanner…a lot! 🙁 Anyway, Xuen and his friend did not join us for lunch, but another Joshua came. 🙂

photo 1 (12)With the two Joshua. Chen and Loh. They’re both my close friend and my mentee. And they’re both amazing. 😀

photo 2 (12)

Last picture before I end this post. It was an amazing time spending with these people. If I could, I don’t mind starting my day like this everyday. 🙂


Day 15 : Satisfaction

Hello readers!! Here’s what I did today…

photo 3 (6)Wanted to go swimming in the morning, but look how dirty is the pool!!! 🙁 It’s so greenish!! Hopefully the pool is clean tomorrow. Will be going again with some friends.

photo 4 (5)Well, since the pool is dirty and we (dad, bro, and myself) couldn’t swim, guess what we ended up doing. We were already at the club, so might as well play snooker! Okay…maybe it was them who played. I was on my iPad most of the time. 😉 Not my thing! Hehe… Went for lunch and look what we had after that! :p

photo (5)Yeeeapp!!! We went for laksa after that. It’s been a while since I last had this. Although the weather was hot in the afternoon, but who can resist from eating this?! Okayyy…maybe some people can, but the place was packed! So looks like many can’t. Hehe… :p

That pretty much sums up what I did today. Oh, and one more thing I did just now. I sent out my resumes to a few companies out there. *fingers cross* I’m actually looking forward to receive a reply from them. Not sure if I’m excited to work in their company or just can’t wait to leave. Maybe both. (^.^)


Day 14 : Time with the Guys

Day 14 of 365 happiness!!! *yay* Didn’t do much today. Went for lunch and movie with the 2 boys in the family – dad and my not-so-younger brother.  🙂

photo 1 (8)Look where I took them?! Hehe… Since I didn’t take picture the last time, I make sure I took this time. Lol. Dad kinda miss the food there since he hasn’t been there for ages. Ordered quite a lot and he shared with my brother. As for me, I enjoyed my one and only plate of chicken. :p *yum yum*

photo 2 (8)After lunch, we went for movie. Oh yes… The Amazing Spider Man 2. The storyline was alright. However, spider man looked a little “playful” in the beginning and it was more of a romantic comedy than action pack. But overall, it was okay. Definitely better than the 1st movie.

I think I need a little more “girl” time from now on. Lol. Spent too much time with guys and I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing. It’s just that it’ll be good to balance it out, if you know what I mean. Heh… Don’t wanna ended up being too rough and tomboy-ish. Need to bring out my faminine side too. :p


Day 13 : Fundraising

photo 2 (7)Did fundraising yesterday and today for our upcoming Campus camp. The camp committees baked banana and chocolate muffins and guess what?! We manged to sell all of the muffins!!! *yay* Speaking of camp, campus camp is just next week!! And we’ll be going back to Che Foo in Cameron Highlands. (^.^) It felt so fast… Maybe because there are still a lot of things to prepare. But I’m excited already!! Friends from other states will be joining us too and I haven’t seen them since they left Penang last year. Anyway, back to our topic of fundraising, I had lots of fun selling those muffins with this bunch of committees. They have such good entertaining “skills”. LOL! :p

photo 4 (4)

photo 3 (5)