Father’s Love Letter

Just wanna share this video with you guys. This is a very nice video, so please take time to watch. It’s God’s Love Letter to all of us. I download it into my iPhone and I constantly play it to remind me. It brings hope and comfort when you need it. Sometimes, we’re too busy with school, college and everyday life that we forgot about God and how much He loves us. Sometimes, when we have problems, we tend to forget that He’s there. I encourage everyone to watch this video and if possible, download it so you can watch it whenever you want and where ever you are. The video says it all. Enjoy and God bless! 🙂

Water Baptism

Went for water baptism just now. For those of you who don’t know what it is, well, it is sort of a statement of faith – putting your old life behind and stepping into a new life with Christ. It is also a sign of repentance, which means change (a change so drastic the the old person is “buried”). I was born in a Christian family and I never get baptize until today. I finally took a step of faith to do it. It’s like getting into a new level and a step closer with God. There were 6 youths who got baptized just now and 3 of them are from my cell group (Paul, Daniel & me). I’m really happy to see some of my cell group friends there. Below is a video made by Wilson during the baptism.

This was captured by his iPhone 4 and was made with the application called “iMovie”.

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Just For Laughs

Okay, I know I haven’t been blogging for a very long time. Well, I’m back! Anyway, I was on Facebook just now and I was bored. So I look into an application called “Hey I Like”. Some of the quotes and jokes make me laugh, while some make me smile. So, just wanna share some of the jokes and quotes with you. Just to bring a smile on your face. Who knows?? You might be having a bad day and this might cheer you up. (^.^)

Boy : I love you more than anyone.
Girl : Really? Surely someone loves me more.
Boy : Who dares to say that? I love you so much, I would die for you.
Girl : He already did.
Relationships come and go. Christ’s love is forever.

Man walks into elevator.
Blonde : T-G-I-F
Man : S-H-I-T
Blonde (Confused) : T–G–I–F–
Man (Slowly) : S–H–I–T–
Blonde : T-G-I-F means Thank God It’s Friday
Man Giggles : Sorry Honey It’s Thursday!

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Did modeling just now in college for the 1st time. Wondering how did I get into it? Well, I was actually helping a friend who is in Fashion Department and her assignment was to design any clothes with any materials and find someone to be her model on the runway. I was nervous because I’m not used to so many people looking at me and the heel of the shoes is quite high, which I hardly wear such high heels. Anyway, when the emcee explain to all of us about how many times should we pose and stuff like that, I was actually shaking because people were starting to crowd around the exhibition hall, waiting to see the fashion show. The first round was only the models where each models must walk the runway with 3 poses. And the second round was the models together with their respective designers. I was nervous at first, but after a while, I kinda had fun. My designer, Rose’s concept was Floral and I like her design! All of the designers’ design on the fabric was not made from cloth like the ones we all wear everyday, but it was made from old fabric and tissue paper with gum? (If I’m not mistaken). So, it’s actually hard and has the shape of it already. Okay, enough talking. Time for the pictures!!

Me & my designer, Rose. The outfit in this picture was design and made by her. The brown sticks was actually real. Everything on this outfit is either glued or sew. =) Continue reading →

Assignment Week + Wii Friday

Sorry that I haven’t been blogging quite a while. Well, there are 2 things that I wanna blog about, so let’s get started!

First of all, this week is Assignment week, which means lots of assignments to pass up and a History test coming up. Usually a week before Assignment week, there will be tons of stuff to do and rushing to get things done. Surprisingly, this term there’s nothing much to do as most of the exercises are done in class and the lecturers would give us 2 weeks to complete our assignments. So, this week, all we’ll be doing is hand in the final assignment and sort out our files to make sure all of our exercises are there. After that, I’ll be having 2 weeks of term break starting next week!! I can’t wait! =)

Secondly, last Friday was Wii Friday and it was a blast!! For those who doesn’t know what it’s all about, well, it’s a youth event where all the youth cell groups will gather together. We have it frequently and each time there’s a Wii Friday, the cell group that host will create a theme and everyone will dress towards the theme. Last Friday, my cell group (J.Juniors) was hosting it and the theme was “Back To Preschool”. Everyone was suppose to dress and look like a kid and bring their favorite childhood toys (if they want to bring). To my amazed, everyone dress up (well, almost everyone)!! All of them look so cute. Some guys dress like a nerd with their pants up high while most of the girls tie two ponytails on their hair and brought a teddy bear with them. It was fun and crazy during games as some of the guys actually pretend to be a kid that they ask a lot of questions and make a lot of noise like kids do. So, what we, game masters did was, we treated them like kids asking them to put their finger on their lips and explaining the games like we’re explaining to kids. LOL. Here are some pictures taken by Rachel (our cell group leader). =p

Waiting to greet them as they walk in. From left, Joseph (he’s not in our cg, but he stands there for fun. XD), me, Tanya & John Continue reading →