My 19th Birthday

First of all, I know the last post I wrote in my blog was around a month ago. Sorry that I haven’t been blogging recently and some of you have been urging me to update my blog. Well, finally I’ve found the mood to do it (hehe…). I guess you all know from the title above, that I’m gonna write about my 19th birthday in this post!! (^.^) I had an awesome birthday and I’ve been enjoying myself for the entire day!! Well, there were surprises here and there, good and not-so-good (I wouldn’t say bad cuz it was not that bad), but overall, it was still AWESOME!! So here’s what happened on the 10th of March 2011….

A few minutes before the clock strike 12, the electricity went off!! Surprised from TNB!! *LOL* Continue reading →

2010 – What An Awesome Year!

Year 2010 is now come to its end. I just gotta say that 2010 is an awesome year for me. I’ve learnt and experience a lot of new things this year. There were definitely a lot of “1st time”s in this year.

1) It’s my 1st year in college and it has been awesome. There are 2 semesters this year and I enjoyed both of the semesters. I get to learn new things and make new friends.

2) If you read my blog often, you’ll know that I don’t really like arts when I was young as I’m not good at it. I’m more towards Science. So, this is my 1st time I actually studied arts throughout the year. Surprisingly, I really enjoy it. Although, I’m not good at it in Semester 1, but I can see improvements in this semester and my results have improved too. I really thank God for His guidance everyday and in every class. I couldn’t have done it without Him. I don’t have any C’s in my results this semester. Praise God for that! Continue reading →

Buffet at Evergreen Laurel Hotel

It’s Christmas day and it’s also my brother (Amos) ‘s 16th birthday. Went church for Christmas service this morning. After that, my dad took us to Evergreen Laurel Hotel for buffet and also to celebrate Amos’ birthday. The food there was not bad, or maybe it was because I was hungry that time. Anyway, it’s the 1st time Amos had buffet in the hotel and he was excited even the day before we went. Here are some pictures taken using iPhone 3Gs.

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Youth Camp ’10

Went for youth camp on the 12th December to 15th December and the theme for this year is Generation R (Generation Revolution). It was held in Harvest Haven, Gopeng, Ipoh and I really enjoyed myself there. I get to meet new friends and at the same time, bond closer with my old friends. You know, get to know them even more. It was really amazing and there were 3 salvations too! Praise God!! The speaker was Pastor Joshua and I really like his sermon. Okay, enough talking… It’s time for videos and pictures as they speak louder than words. The videos you’re about to see, were taken by Wilson Moy and most of the pictures were taken by Ru Sern and Qing Ling as we left our cameras and phones in our room most of the time. About the videos, Wilson used his iPhone 4 and also an application called “iMovie” to create this awesome video.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

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To My CG Friends

1st row, from left – Moy & John

2nd row, from left – Paul, Rachel & SK (his name is actually Samuel)

3rd row, from left – Jonathan, Jayanthi & Me

As you can see from the topic above, this post is for my cg (cell group) friends. I really thank God that He bless me with such friends. They always encourage me when I need it and they’re always there for me. So, to all my cg friends, if you’re reading this, I would like to say THANK YOU for everything.

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