Day 12 : Friends

photo (3)So, for day 12 of my 365 happiness, here’s to the groups of people that mean a lot to me. They have been there for me through thick and thin; able to bare my craziness and randomness. Not to mention the lameness I gave them sometimes. Haha…


The 1st group of people would have to be my CG members. Of course there are a lot more people that are not in the picture. πŸ˜‰ These are the people I see every week and they’re like my second family. Just by looking at the picture above somehow brings me joy. Will definitely miss them when they graduate and leave.

photo 4 (3)Here’s to the 2nd group of people – my little sisters! It didn’t take long for us to connect, and although age gap is a little big, but we’re still able to talk & hang out as if there is no age gap at all!! Am honored to mentor these girls and I’m so happy that I could be part of their teenage life. πŸ™‚

So there you have it! A fact about me from this post – my besties are all different ages! :p It’s nice to have best friends who are my age as they understand me better, but it’s also nice to be part of my younger friends’ lives as teenage hood is the season of exploring and finding out who you are, and who you want to be. And I want to be there for them every step of it. At least they’ll know that they have someone that they can turn to when they face their teenage “drama” issues. Besides, it makes you feel younger too. πŸ˜‰ There are still other groups of people that are also precious to me, but this post is specially dedicate to them. To end this post:

“If you’re alone, I’ll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I’ll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I’ll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I’ll be your smile… But anytime you need a friend, I’ll just be me.”


Day 11 : The Luxurious

photo 3 (3)It’s Fridayyyy!!! And since it’s CG rest tonight, I had a nice dinner with the 2 boys, and they are none other than dad & bro. Dad bought a voucher for Flamingo Buffet from Groupon a few weeks ago, so we get to go there just now since it’s the only Friday I can make it. We actually went there a few months ago and it was very satisfying that we decided to go there again. Surprisingly, it was a little disappointing this time. Lots of food were not there and they did not replenished it when the tray is empty. The only thing that was satisfying was the ice-cream. LOL. Even though the buffet wasn’t that satisfying, it will still be on my 365 happiness because I get to spend time with family. (^.^)

photo (2)

Anyway, after dinner, we went Straits Quay for a walk and saw all these beautiful yachts. How nice would it be to travel around the world with it? Yes, there won’t be much things to do on the boat and I’ll probably get bored after a while, but to think of it, it’s kinda relaxing just being in the middle of the ocean with no city lights around. It’s like you’re away from the “world”; from all the stress. It would definitely be nice if it’s part of my honeymoon in the future. Haha… :p

Oh, and before the nice evening started, let us take a selfie! Hehe… Took some selfies with bro while waiting for dad to get ready. πŸ˜‰ What?? I was just killing time… lol. :p

photo 2 (5)


Day 10 : Surrounded by Amazing People

Hello my lovely readers,

Here’s day 10 of my 365 happiness. Can’t believe I’ve been posting 10 days in a row!! I’m so proud of myself. Haha… 355 more to go! πŸ˜‰

photo 1 (3)Since it’s Labor Day today, I went out with mum and had lunch with her. We got ourselves Flipflop and I’m so excited to announce that this is my very first pair. Do you know there’s technology in those shoes?! You can read more on the shoes here. There is a story about the shoes too. It’s about a lady that always went jogging when she was younger. But after she has a child, she couldn’t jog as often anymore so she went to a shoemaker and told him to make a shoe that she could walk around comfortably and at the same time helps her “exercise”. So the shoemaker made this shoe for her and after wearing for a few months, she felt that her legs are stronger and toned. And that’s when she decided to open a company and sell those shoes.

photo 2 (3)As for dinner, I went out with these awesome people for dinner. Again, we had tomyam! :p Rebecca and Josh are back and since tomyam is their favorite, we decided to go there. Turned up, lots of people came. More than expected. Haha… But like what they always said, the more the merrier! πŸ˜‰ Wished I could spend more time with Rebecca though. Don’t always get to see her as she hardly comes back to Penang. And she’s here only for the weekends this time. Oh well, there will always be next time. (^.^)


Day 9 : A Reminder

Came across this video in Facebook and it has brought such great reminder that nothing last forever. You may seem young, but you’ll never know when you’ll be leaving earth. It may be tomorrow or the day after, but no matter what, we should live life like there’s no tomorrow and appreciate those people around us. Life is short and I believe it’s important to live life to the fullest; do what you enjoy and what brings you happiness. You may be far from home, but as long as you have fun; it doesn’t matter what you do or where you are – home is always near.

Too often we took things for granted. We hardly appreciate those people around us; we took granted on the blessings we had, and we often look down at our capabilities and talents. Too many times, we settled for less, thinking that we’re not good enough to do those “big” things. We tend to let people judge our capabilities, and let them tell us what we can do and what we’re not capable of. But you know what? No person in this world knows you better than yourself. So why let their words affect you? If doing a certain thing is what you wanted, then do it! Don’t let people tell you that you can’t. If being a pilot is your dream job, don’t quit just because someone tells you that you aren’t fit enough. I know what I’m writing here has nothing to do with the video above, but the video lead me thinking “how often that we didn’t do something we wanted, and then regret later on?”. Of course Sam (in the video) did everything he could before leaving.

You know, in life, I didn’t really know what I wanted. Of course there are a few things that I always wanted to try out but I was too afraid. And the worse part is that I wasn’t afraid if I can do it or not, but I was afraid of what people might think or what they’ll say. Too many times I let people “control” me. If they tell me that I can’t or I’m not good enough, I will just give up thinking “maybe they’re right”. I didn’t even try. I believe in life, a lot of things need to be tested out by ourselves instead of just listening to what people say; because if you never try, you’ll never know. Maybe it’s not cut out for them but it’s suitable for you. Maybe they don’t enjoy it, but you will. Continue reading →


Day 8 : A Relaxing Day

photo (1)Today has been a relaxing day for me. I started my day with swimming and it feels so good. Bumped into these two though…Joshua & Xuen. πŸ™‚ I’ve been swimming for almost every week since February. It really helps me relax and of course, I hope it would help me gain a little weight. Or at least so my hands and legs will not look so thin. *fingers cross* Felt like going more often. Instead of going once a week, just felt like going maybe twice or trice a week. But there is a con. Everything has pros and cons right? The con for this is that I am getting tanner just by swimming once a week! Imagine if I swim a few times in a week!! (T.T) I like swimming, but I don’t like getting tanned. Lol…

Went for lunch after that and then back home for some reading and upgrading my blog. If you haven’t notice yet, I did some changes to it and I’m still thinking of changing more things in my blog. Went dinner with mum at 7pm and on the way back, this song was played on the radio. It’s not a new song and I’ve heard it many times, but somehow I couldn’t stop listening to this song when I heard it just now. Immediately went to YouTube when I reached home and put it on replay. Lol. Something about this song is just nice and relaxing. The lyrics don’t mean anything to me, if you’re wondering. :p Maybe not yet. Haha…