Day 15 : Satisfaction

Hello readers!! Here’s what I did today…

photo 3 (6)Wanted to go swimming in the morning, but look how dirty is the pool!!! 🙁 It’s so greenish!! Hopefully the pool is clean tomorrow. Will be going again with some friends.

photo 4 (5)Well, since the pool is dirty and we (dad, bro, and myself) couldn’t swim, guess what we ended up doing. We were already at the club, so might as well play snooker! Okay…maybe it was them who played. I was on my iPad most of the time. 😉 Not my thing! Hehe… Went for lunch and look what we had after that! :p

photo (5)Yeeeapp!!! We went for laksa after that. It’s been a while since I last had this. Although the weather was hot in the afternoon, but who can resist from eating this?! Okayyy…maybe some people can, but the place was packed! So looks like many can’t. Hehe… :p

That pretty much sums up what I did today. Oh, and one more thing I did just now. I sent out my resumes to a few companies out there. *fingers cross* I’m actually looking forward to receive a reply from them. Not sure if I’m excited to work in their company or just can’t wait to leave. Maybe both. (^.^)


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