Day 11 : The Luxurious

photo 3 (3)It’s Fridayyyy!!! And since it’s CG rest tonight, I had a nice dinner with the 2 boys, and they are none other than dad & bro. Dad bought a voucher for Flamingo Buffet from Groupon a few weeks ago, so we get to go there just now since it’s the only Friday I can make it. We actually went there a few months ago and it was very satisfying that we decided to go there again. Surprisingly, it was a little disappointing this time. Lots of food were not there and they did not replenished it when the tray is empty. The only thing that was satisfying was the ice-cream. LOL. Even though the buffet wasn’t that satisfying, it will still be on my 365 happiness because I get to spend time with family. (^.^)

photo (2)

Anyway, after dinner, we went Straits Quay for a walk and saw all these beautiful yachts. How nice would it be to travel around the world with it? Yes, there won’t be much things to do on the boat and I’ll probably get bored after a while, but to think of it, it’s kinda relaxing just being in the middle of the ocean with no city lights around. It’s like you’re away from the “world”; from all the stress. It would definitely be nice if it’s part of my honeymoon in the future. Haha… :p

Oh, and before the nice evening started, let us take a selfie! Hehe… Took some selfies with bro while waiting for dad to get ready. 😉 What?? I was just killing time… lol. :p

photo 2 (5)


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