Day 9 : A Reminder

Came across this video in Facebook and it has brought such great reminder that nothing last forever. You may seem young, but you’ll never know when you’ll be leaving earth. It may be tomorrow or the day after, but no matter what, we should live life like there’s no tomorrow and appreciate those people around us. Life is short and I believe it’s important to live life to the fullest; do what you enjoy and what brings you happiness. You may be far from home, but as long as you have fun; it doesn’t matter what you do or where you are – home is always near.

Too often we took things for granted. We hardly appreciate those people around us; we took granted on the blessings we had, and we often look down at our capabilities and talents. Too many times, we settled for less, thinking that we’re not good enough to do those “big” things. We tend to let people judge our capabilities, and let them tell us what we can do and what we’re not capable of. But you know what? No person in this world knows you better than yourself. So why let their words affect you? If doing a certain thing is what you wanted, then do it! Don’t let people tell you that you can’t. If being a pilot is your dream job, don’t quit just because someone tells you that you aren’t fit enough. I know what I’m writing here has nothing to do with the video above, but the video lead me thinking “how often that we didn’t do something we wanted, and then regret later on?”. Of course Sam (in the video) did everything he could before leaving.

You know, in life, I didn’t really know what I wanted. Of course there are a few things that I always wanted to try out but I was too afraid. And the worse part is that I wasn’t afraid if I can do it or not, but I was afraid of what people might think or what they’ll say. Too many times I let people “control” me. If they tell me that I can’t or I’m not good enough, I will just give up thinking “maybe they’re right”. I didn’t even try. I believe in life, a lot of things need to be tested out by ourselves instead of just listening to what people say; because if you never try, you’ll never know. Maybe it’s not cut out for them but it’s suitable for you. Maybe they don’t enjoy it, but you will.

I’m not ashamed of saying this, but there are a lot of things I wanted to try out few years ago. For instance, there was a period of time I wanted to be an air stewardess because I like travelling, and being one can make that dream come true. But someone told me not to because it’s not fun being an air stewardess and it’s very tiring. I’ll be spending more time in the plane than in a country. That time, I was so excited that I went Google-ing for more information and how to apply. But after hearing that, I gave that up. Looking back now, I should have just go for it. It may not be nice for that person, but I may enjoy it.

Then I got into a design college and I wanted to work in a magazine company during my internship or after I graduate. That was kinda my dream job, actually. Guess what someone told me? Working in a magazine company is very stressful and it’s nothing like you see in those movies. (=.=) Seriously?!! If I enjoy working in that company, what makes you think that stress will “eat me up”? Of course, I didn’t think this way that time. I thought maybe that person is right. I wanted to work in KL and people told me that KL is a dangerous city. Wanted to go Singapore and someone told me that it’s not a nice environment to work in. Then where am I suppose to be?! Penang? Don’t get me wrong… I really like Penang; but I’ve been here my whole life and I just wanted to go out and explore.

My only regret is that I listened to those people and I let their words decide for me, instead of trying it out myself. Don’t do the same mistake I did. It’s your life anyway, not theirs. Everyone is  different. It may not be their thing, but it could be yours. To end this post, I emailed some people from Blu Inc company. It’s the company I initially wanted and looked forward to do my internship but I pushed it aside because someone told me that it’s not safe staying there by myself. But I just gotta start somewhere… I really hope they’ll accept me. *fingers cross*


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