Day 6 : The Companion

Hello bunnies!
Had dinner with an old friend. Well, he’s not exactly old, but I knew him since Campus started, which is like 2 years ago. It was a nice catch-up and we had Dave Deli for dinner. Oh, a fact about me… I never went to Dave Deli before. Can you believe it?! Well, I think I went before with my parents, but I was too young that time and I don’t remember the taste. So it’s almost as good as I never been there before. It’s always been either Nando’s or Kenny Rogers that it didn’t cross my mind to go Dave Deli. And Derek, if you’re reading this, you’re right…It was good. 🙂 Dave Deli shall be added to my list from now on. And thank you for the night. :p

(Sorry, no picture of the meetup)

photo 3 (1)Anyway, when I reach home, after bathing, this little girl was outside the bathroom waiting for me. *Aww * My dad said he tried calling her to come into the room, but she doesn’t want. *Heart melts* And every time when I come home, she will be at the door jumping in excitement. She’s one of the reasons I look forward to come home. <3


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