Day 1 : Belated Birthday Pressies

Hello peeps!

Here’s my daily dose of happiness! Day 1 of 365. 🙂

photo 1It has been a month since my birthday and I haven’t collected my birthday gift from Sephora. Partly because it’s located in Gurney Paragon and it’s so far to drive all the way there. But the good news is that few weeks ago, Sephora opened in Queensbay!! *YAY* It is so much easier for me. So I went to collect it and the actual gift that I’m suppose to get was a mini makeup set, but they don’t have it anymore as they change their gifts every month. Hence, the 4-color lip gloss. I kinda like the packaging of the tube. Sephora never fails to surprise me on their packaging.

allegiant-book-cover-high-resAfter watching Divergent in the afternoon, I fell head over heels with it and I just gotta get the book because I can’t wait to know what happen next. There are 3 books all together, and I wanted all 3 of em. Even though I’ve watched he 1st part, but you know that the movie is always slightly different from the book. Sadly, Borders only have the 3rd book, which is Allegiant. The 1st and 2nd books are sold out! Gosh!! That popular?!! And even when I bought the 3rd book, there are only 3 copies left! I bought it anyway, but I don’t plan to read it yet. Waiting to get the 1st and 2nd book.

Oh and did I mention that I don’t really read novels? Yeeeaap!! Those thick novel books… I rather wait for the movie to come out. But because Divergent (the movie) was too good, I just have to read it. 😉


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