365 Happiness

Hello readers,

I’m back to  blogging! *put your hands up and celebrate* 😀 And I know it’s been a long time since I last posted… *Oopss, sorry about that* And I really hope this time I would blog more often. No more procrastinating when comes to blogging! *Inspired & motivated now*

So anyway, not sure you have already notice, but a lot of people have been starting this “trend” on Instragram about #100days or #365happiness, where they would post a picture everyday. Pictures that make them happy.

Guess what? I’m gonna do the same; except not only will I post on Instagram, but I will blog about it too. I’m gonna post at least a picture and blog about it everyday for 365 days. And if you followed me on Instagram, I’ve actually started my 365 Happiness and I’m on day 6 now. But no worries… I’ll post my day 1 to day 7 pictures here too. If you’re wondering since I’m already posting it on Instagram, why post the same picture on my blog too? Well, the reason being is because I can’t write much on Instagram, whereas I could tell more about the picture here. Furthermore, I could post more pictures on the same day and same topic here too. Not to mention, I would have a topic to blog everyday…or at least for the next 365 days. Heh! 🙂

What makes me start this 365 Happiness thing? Well, I was inspired by one my favorite YouTube gurus, K.L. You can check out her Facebook here. She is also known for her YouTube name, Secret Life Of A Bio Nerd (Sloabn), and I’ve been watching her videos for a while now. When she started 365 Happiness, she encouraged her subscribers to start as well. I hesitated that time, because I don’t know if I have that many pictures to post everyday. Not to mention it kinda requires determination to post a picture everyday. What if I didn’t do anything fun that day and I don’t have any pictures to post? What if halfway I give up? A lot of “what ifs” went through my mind. But in the end, I thought “why not”! I didn’t try; how would I know I don’t have pictures to post? I don’t need to do something fun to have a picture. Little things bring happiness too! And that’s how my 365 Happiness started. 🙂

So get ready to receive updates from this blog, y’all!  Because there will be a new post everyday. 😉


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