Friends… We love them to bits because they bring joy and meaning to our lives. But the tragedy is when things go bad and we end up hating and walking out of each other lives. Isn’t it sad? One moment, you could be the best friends, sharing secrets and hanging out almost everyday but become awkward strangers the next season.

Most friendships come and go with time, place and circumstances. Strangers may turn into friends, friends into something more… and yet, sometimes, two people can just naturally drift apart without a reason or explanation; perhaps priorities changed, or we just did and there is no longer a connection between friends. No need for apologies or goodbyes. We just go on and get by. Friends become strangers… Strangers with memories. Memories of a time and moment when we were once friends.

Strangers. Friends. Good friends. Close friends. Best friends. They each mean something distinctly different to each of us. A friend may just mean two people who met and know each other through circumstances or maybe situational settings. Same class, same college, etc… You get along. Maybe you need to get along because you need each other. It could be a class projects or work. Two people don’t really care that much about each other, but get along just for the sake of needing each other for a certain purpose.

The meaning of friendship could also be when in your moment of despair, desperation or greatest joy, your friends will be the ones who will know how much it means to you and will go out of their own way to be there for you in person. They will make it matter to them as well because it matters to you and you matter to them. They are the ones who knows when to step in and when to step back but will never step out of your life. It’s also the mutual connection and acceptance that everything is strangely perfect and only the two of you will ever understand. Not even your future husband or wife will get it or have this thing that bonds you and your friend. This is something most people call it “Best Friends”.

My weakness is that I love too much sometimes. So it’s always very hard for me to let go and move on when the other person already has or probably doesn’t even care. Someone once told me that at the end of the day, everyone is chasing their own happiness. Some may compromise their friendships just for the sake of that happiness. Sad, but true.

I’ve learnt along the way that we shouldn’t live a life just constantly trying to seek love and approval from everyone. We don’t actually need everyone. We just need a few right ones. The right ones are good enough. And it’s these few right ones that we need to let our walls down and let them embrace us with their sincere love especially when we think we don’t deserve it or when we’re too weak on our own.

As soon as we realize who this someone or these individuals are who love us dearly, always remember and appreciate them for being there for you, with you, no matter how tiring or painful it may be for them… and in return, be there for them when they need you as well. Because it’s all these little acts of concern and love that will come to mean the most in our most desperate and trying times. <3

And even if people come and go, let them. But always be grateful because every single person we’ve met along the way, no matter how long we’ve known them or how much we’ve shared during those times, have definitely made us who we are today in little ways we might not even have realized ourselves. We are a sum total of all our relationships, past and present, mixed together with our own peculiar personality.

All these people are there for a reason. They give meaning and often leave an impact in our lives. And its all these special moments that need to be treasured because although friendships may not always last forever, these memories do. 🙂

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