My 21st Birthday

Hello lovely readers,

I’m excited to say that I’ve turned 21 last Sunday!!! Whee!!! So, this year is a mixture of happy and sad feelings at the same time, because I lost my grandpa (mum’s side) the day before my birthday. But through this sadness, I was comforted by lots of friends. Friends that turned my sadness into a smile. Friends that called halfway round the world to make sure I’m fine. Friends that prayed for me and walked me through during this season of sorrow. I’m so blessed with such amazing friends. They really made my big day a special day with lots of surprises. :’)

Even before my birthday, I’ve been receiving surprises from my friends. A bunch of friends from church threw me a surprise party on Monday (more about it here). Then on Friday, during dinner, my classmates surprised me with a cake!! (more about that here).

So on Sunday, I went to church in the morning, had lunch at Queensbay with Mandy & Daniel in the afternoon, and dinner at Chilis with family.

photo (1)

A florist send this to me while I’m in church. Aren’t they pretty??? They’re from my awesome campus pastor, Pastor Pragas & his wife, Jasmine!!!  heartheart 😀 

photo (2)

Mum got me a watch from Swatch. Absolutely love this! The designs on the strap is sooo totally me! Heh! heartheart

photoMy aunt & uncle got me this… A Coach wrist-wallet. And it’s limited edition!

There are some other gifts that I forgotten to take picture of it. Forgive me, will ya? 🙂 Here are a few people that I wanna thank…

– Priscilla: Thank you for the chocolates & the note. It’s very encouraging. Glad to have a friend like you. 🙂

– Hannah & Sherwynn: Thank you for the lipsticks & the Mentos. Yes, I still like eating Mentos. And thank you for the note. 🙂

– Campus friends: Thank you the awesome surprise party. Thank you for making this year a memorable birthday for me.

– Classmates: Thank you for the surprise cake. It put a smile on my face.

– Everyone: Thank you for the birthday wishes through Facebook, smses and phone calls.

THANK YOU all for making this day such a memorable day. Although I’ve lost a relative a day before, but y’all have made this day special. heartheartheart


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