My 21st Birthday Surprise

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A group of my awesome friends threw a surprise birthday party for me on Monday. I can’t wait to share it with y’all on how all these happened. So, here goes…

On Wednesday, Mandy texted me saying that she wants to go out for dinner with Daniel and me. It’s been a while since the 3 of us went out together. So I agreed and we planned to go out on Tuesday. On Friday, she told me that the restaurant she wanna go, closes on Tuesday and hence, we brought forward to Monday instead. (Btw, the restaurant she wanted to go was Victoria Rossa, simply because she has never been there before.)

Anyway, on Monday, it was kind of a long day for me and I was tired. So, I didn’t think much about dinner. I went there earlier than planned. We planned to be there at 7.30pm, but I arrived at 7.10pm instead. I was afraid of the jam and decided to leave home early. Surprisingly, there was no jam at all during that evening. So when I arrived, I didn’t know Mandy has already booked the place. I told the waitress that there will be 3 of us and she leaded me to a table. While waiting, I texted some friends from Australia & KL; just to catch up with them and also to kill time. Hehe… (That’s what I do whenever I feel awkward. Not that I felt awkward that time, but I was early and alone. So yeah… That’s what I did.)

Anyway, a waiter came to my table around 10 minutes later and asked if my name is Amanda. I said yes and he asked me to follow him, as he said my friend has booked the place. He accidentally mention “booked for 15 people” and covered it up after I responded “huh? 15?!”. LOL… So I followed him upstairs and he gave me a rose. The room upstairs was dark, and the first thing I saw were the helium balloons. I went in anyway, and saw the candles on the donuts. They all came out from their “hiding place” and shouted “surprise”!!! And I went speechless!!! Well, since a picture speaks a thousand words, I’m gonna stop talking and continue the story through pictures. (Most of the pictures are either from Ru Sern’s camera or Angeline’s phone.) πŸ˜‰


photo (5)

DSC_0014These were the balloons I saw while walking up the stairs. There were 21 of ’em

photo (1)Instead of a birthday cake, they used Donuts. Creative huh? Love the idea. πŸ™‚

photo (2)

photo (3)I like this place as it’s very sweet and has the English style. (Note to couples; it’s the perfect place for dating. The environment is super romantic…)

photo (7)

DSC_0017They made this scrapbook for me… Inside are all pictures and handwritten notes from friends. Thank you everyone for the encouraging notes. It made me cry while reading ’em. :’)Β heart

DSC_0026And that’s me after they surprised me. Notice I was still holding my phone on my right hand. I was texting halfway! LOL… And I wore very casual that night – top: tee, bottom: skirt.

DSC_0034DSC_0035DSC_0051Look at this… Pretty, isn’t it? <3

DSC_0069Eugene drew a troll face for me… πŸ˜€

DSC_0107Jonathan & Vern Sern

DSC_0129Dexter & Angeline

DSC_0135Daniel & the waiter (the one they conspired with)

DSC_0143Mandy… The one who planned and put all these together. THANK YOU!!! πŸ˜€

DSC_0151Joanna… (I seriously don’t know what’s with them and this waiter… LOL.)


DSC_0146Eugene… The one that drew the troll face for me… πŸ˜‰

DSC_0163There… My outfit during that evening. I would have dressed up better if I knew. Heh!

photo (6)2nd surprise… A key with the number “21”. :’)

photo (10)With the girls…

photo (9)With the guys…

photo (8)Group picture…

I had lots of fun that night. The only thing that is not in the pictures above is the cricket. Yes, there was a cricket. They wanted to put it in the necklace box, but because I came early, they panic and left it in my bag with the plastic covering it. Haha… Thank God I came early. I couldn’t imagine how I would react if I open the necklace box and found the cricket inside. But anyway, just by thinking about this day will make me smile. Thank you so much everyone for this lovely surprise. I was indeed surprised by the party and also by the people that came. Sorry that my tears didn’t reach your “expectation”. Haha… Love y’all lots!!!Β heartheartheart


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