Meet Chimi! My New Pet Poodle!


Hi readers… Hope all is well. 🙂

So on Wednesday, dad called and told me that he’ll be bringing home a puppy. My first thought was “We already have 2 dogs. Is that not enough?! We can barely spend time with them and now another one?” Yes, I was a little reluctant to accept this puppy.

When I got home, both the puppy and my dad were not home yet. And I was tired that night, so I went to bed early. The next morning, before I leave the house to college, I went to my dad’s room and there… I saw this cute little fella lying down beside my dad. Looking how adorable she is, how could I say no? Her name is Chimi (her previous owner gave her that name) and she’s 3 months old.

Her previous owner own a farm and is filled with dogs. Poodles to be precise. His dog gave birth many times, and hence, his family grew bigger and bigger. He’s been giving away puppies to his friends, and this time, his dog gave birth to 4 puppies and Chimi was the youngest.

There are so many dogs and it’s hard for him and his family to give full attention to all the dogs. So, when my dad went to visit them, his wife offered Chimi to him.. And that’s how Chimi was added to our family. 🙂

photo 5Every time I came home, she’ll rush down the stairs to greet me, even though she’s afraid of stairs. She’s always excited whenever we come home. 🙂

photo 5 (2)She don’t mess the house at all. She is very gentle and well-behaved. She likes chewing cloths though, but she understands whenever we say “no”. Oh, and she’s easy to train too.

photo 2 (3)

photo 2She has been bringing so much joy to the family and she gives us another reason to look forward to come home.

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