New Hairstyle (Curl, Curl, Curl)


It’s been a while since I last change my hairstyle. The last time I went to a saloon to cut it short was last year. Here’s the post on that hairstyle. Since it’s been so long, my hair started to become flat again. So, on Monday, I decided to visit Hair Perfect and this time, I was thinking of curling it, and letting it to grow long. Honestly, I kinda miss my long hair.

At first, my fringe wasn’t cut. She said to leave it like that as it matches the hairstyle better. But after I went home, it keeps irritate me and I couldn’t stand it. So, I went back to Hair Perfect and ask her to cut my fringe. Besides, I kinda miss my fringe too. Heh.

Here are the hairstyles that inspired me to curl back my hair…


From the 1st picture, it looks fine having fringe with curly hair…

photo fdgfdgLook how mature it made me look without fringe… And it’s irritating to always have to put it behind my ear.

photo (1)


Since I’m already taking pictures, might as well take a few more. 😉


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