2012: A Year of New Beginnings

It’s the last day of 2012!! And 2013 is just a few hours away. Each year, I felt time passed by faster and faster. Maybe because as we grow older, there will be a lot stuffs to do, many things to explore and learn, and time would seem to pass by quickly. And as always, when we come to the last day of the year, we would take time and reflect on a few things – the goals and resolutions you had for 2012 (did you manage to do everything in your resolution list?), how much you’ve grown and learnt in 2012, and what are your resolutions for 2013?

For me, I dd not make any resolutions in 2012. Just one promise I made to myself – just go with the flow, and to let God lead instead of doing things with my own strength. And to my surprised, 2012 has been an amazing year for me. After all the things I’ve learnt, the ups and downs I’ve gone through, the experienced I had…I could conclude that 2012 is the year of NEW BEGINNINGS for me. Why new beginnings you may ask… Well, let’s see…

1) It’s the 1st year XL Campus started. And through this, God has brought me out from my comfort zone. Frankly, I wasn’t that sociable before this. I only hang out with a small group of friends and when I’m comfortable with them, I’ll always stick with them whether it’s supper or cg or even during SNL. I hardly talked to anyone else besides that group of friends!

2) It’s my 1st year leading cg. Another part of God bringing me out from my comfort zone. Through this, I came out from my shell to mingle around with other cg members (besides that group of friends) and talk to new people (it seems like “I have to” at 1st, but after a while, the “I have to” slowly changed to “I want to”).

3) 1st time a pastor prophesize over me. And this is what the he said, “Lord, I thank you that she is someone who make sure everyone got their own gift baskets, and she’s someone who looks after names and to make sure every names have a connection. Thank you for placing her here and we welcome her to this time of training and development as she works as an understudy to be developed into the fullness of which she will be the woman of God and the calling on her heart. Thank you Lord for the next 7 months of her lives (from September to March) and at the end of March 2013, it’s like everything changes and it’ll be a new phase for this woman. And in 7 months time, it’ll be a preparation time of what will begin in April 2013. That month will be like a birth of a new day for her and a new season for her.” Well, what he said about me was true. He said I work as an understudy because I was doing my internship in church that time. And April will be a new season for me…Well, I’ll be graduating in March. What’s amazing was that no one told him anything about it! Anyway, I’ll looking forward to see what’s installed for me in April 203. 😉

4) It’s my 1st time working in church during internship. Actually, I’ve never worked anywhere else before that. So church was my 1st workplace. It was amazing in the sense that I’ve learnt so many things and gain so much knowledge! Not only I’ve learnt about designing, but I’ve also learnt about filming, and leading a ministry, which leads to the next one…

5) 1st time handling and leading Media ministry. For those who are active in church, you’ll know that media is a one of the “heavy” ministry in church. Without it, the weekly service will not be able to run well. Imagine a service without lyrics! Hence, taking up this ministry was a challenge for me at first (it still is… ) but God was there to guide me through every step. I’ve learnt to rely on Him and let Him lead me. Not to mention, through this, I’ve experienced “grace”. Well, Pastor Sam has been preaching about grace for a few months and I never really understand it…until I took up the entire media ministry. That’s when I experienced grace and from there, I understand better.

Well, looks like God heard my promise on “going with the flow and letting God lead“, because all these that were mentioned above, were not planned by me and were impossible for me to do it with my own strength. Everything seemed to happen so fast at first, and I kept telling myself that I wasn’t ready. But now when I reflect back, I realize how much I’ve encountered Him this year. He guided me throughout the entire year, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without Him.

And since 2012 is a year of new beginnings for me, I believe 2013 will be new level of those “new beginnings”. Am looking forward to the things that have installed for me in 2013. What are resolutions in 2013? Well, none. But I do wanna continue to experience God’s grace working in and through me, and me being the vessel to reach out to others. 🙂



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