Polka Dot Nails Tutorial

For the very first time, instead of going to the nail saloon to get my nails done, I tried to do it myself. Although the outcome isn’t as perfect compared to the ones done by the saloon, but I think it’s quite good for first timers. 😉

Colorful polka dot nails!!! Not only this is the first time doing this myself, but this is also the first time I have colorful nails. Honestly, I was never a fan of colorful nails before, but I’ve seen so many people around me has different colors on each nails and I just thought of trying ’em too. 🙂 This is simple to do, and if they were to get it done by the saloon, it’s gonna cost quite a lot of money.

So here we go…

photo (10)

Pick a few of your favorite nail polish colors. I’m using these 5 colors and they were bought from Face Shop.

photo (9)First, paint the solid color on your nails. If you don’t want it to be colorful, you can just paint all your nails with just one color. Wait for it to dry, and apply 2nd layer.

photo (2)

After the 2nd layer has dried, choose the color of nail polish you want as the polka dots and drop a few drops on a piece of unwanted paper. For me, I’m using a clear plastic.

photo (8)

Using a toothpick, just “dot” your nails randomly. You can use a mechanical pencil too, but the reason I’m using a toothpick is because it’s sharper. Hence, it creates smaller dots.

photo (6)

Wait for it to dry, and voilà!! Polka dot nails is done! Below are some examples using the same technique.




Have fun!! And be creative!! 🙂


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