Trip to Taiping!!

Went staff planning retreat on my last week of internship. It was more than just planning. It was spending time and bonding with other staffs as well.

The retreat was at Taiping and we stayed at Sentosa Villa for 3 days, 2 nights. It was a great place to stay. Very relaxing… 🙂

On the way there… With Winnie & Florence

With Winnie…

Florence on an antique bike…

On the 1st day, we spent most of the time planning for next year and how much we’ve grown this year. To think back on how much things has happened this year, I do feel that I’ve grown a lot. Doing my internship in church itself already taught me a lot of things.

However, we went out for movie in the evening on the 2nd day. Watched Taken 2, and it was a good movie. It was actually my 2nd time watching it. The 1st time was with my family. 😉

The amazing staffs…

 My roommates…

With the awesome youth & campus pastor – Pastor Pragas! 😀

Taiping lake

Last picture before we leave Taiping.

Although the purpose of the entire trip is to plan for next year, but I enjoyed this retreat. I mean, helllooo!! Which company would allow you to tag along during internship?! I was just an intern and they treated me like one of them… They made me feel like I’m part of the family. :’) It was indeed a great way to spend my last week with the staff team before heading back to college for my final semester. 😉


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