September Favorites

September has ended, and October is here… Man, time flies!!! As stated in the title above, I plan to a “favorite” post every month. It could be on products that I used, or the music that I’ve been listening to. Sometimes, it’s hard to think of a topic to blog, as I do not know what I wanna blog about. Hence this “monthly favorites” thing will ongoing just to keep me blogging! Heh… At least I have a topic to blog every month. 😉 Here are my September favorites…

Let’s start with my all time favorite body product… Strawberry Body Polish. It is a gel-based scrub with crushed walnut shells and kiwi seeds. Not to mention the strawberry scent smells soooo good…. Love the feeling every time I used this… It smells good, and it makes my skin feeling soft. 😉 Got this from The Body Shop.

My favorite lip gloss of the month – Gemstone silky gloss by Cyber Colors. The awesome flowery scent that got me fall in love with it. Not to mention silky and smooth in texture too. I like the small packaging as it fits into my purse perfectly. It has about 10 different shades all together and this is the shade of “02 Soft Coral”. Purchased from SaSa.

One of the reasons I cut my hair short was because of split ends. My hair is always too dry at the ends. Hence, the saloon recommends this – Kérastase Serum Oléo-Relax. This is a smoothing serum to discipline fine dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair. I only apply this at the ends of my hair and thanks to this, my hair looks healthier now. If you have similar hair type with mine (dry at the ends), then try this. If it works on me, hopefully it’ll work on you too! =)

 Another hair product… With my current hair length, I gotta blow dry it every time I wash my hair to prevent it from curling out. And with my hair type, using too much hairdryer will cause damage to my hair, and it’ll cause split ends again. I did some research on which heat protector spay is good and I came across this – Keratinology by Sunsilk. Saw this at Watsons too and decided to get one. O-mi-gosh!! When I first tried it on my hair, it immediately became my favorite! What’s best is not only it has UV filter in it, but my hair did not feel sticky or weighed down by the product at all. This is a must-have for those who use heat styling! 😉

Favorite book of the month gotta be this – What Women Want: The Life You Crave and How God Satisfies. For many of us, life can feel like a circus act as we struggle to balance family life, work and ministry. Yet, in this book, you’ll realize that God doesn’t want our lives to be filled with stress, tears and unnecessary hardships. Instead, God wants our lives to be purpose-filled and overflowing with joy. Young or old, married or single, with children or without, striving in the workplace or working at home, this book is suitable for all. I would say this book is a “must have” for all women. What women want is no secret. But discovering the God who satisfies might just be the adventure of a lifetime. 😉

Been listening to Megan Nicole lately, and I love her cover songs. Above is one of my favorite cover songs she did – Payphone by Maroon 5. I like how she added her own style into this song, especially the bridge part. 😉

Lastly, a quote to end this post… 😉

The best makeup is a smile.

The best jewelry is modesty.

The best clothing is confidence.


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