Lake Toba, Indonesia (Day 5 & 6)

We did not book any hotel for the 5th night. Also, on the 5th day, we went to Berastagi.

This is what we had for breakfast — Pancakes with Cheese.

Took a picture with the owner before we left.

We took the boat across. When we reached there, our driver (we hired a driver to fetch us there) took us to a few places along the way.

Tomato & Cabbage Plantation

On the way to Berastagi, we stopped by Batak Simalungun King’s Palace. Below are some pictures of it.

The Stove. According to the tour guide of this place, there was a king with 12 wives. So, 1 stove for each wife. Since he had 12 wives, we saw 12 stoves.

There’s 3 stoves here

We passed by a school too.

As the driver drove, we saw coffee plantation. It’s suppose to be Luwak Coffee after the whole process. Dad asked the driver to stop at the side of the road so he can took a picture of it.

We then went to the Sipiso-Piso Waterfall. It’s 800 meters high.

After taking pictures of the waterfall, we went to Taman Simalem to have our lunch and also to look around. The place was very nice, but expensive. It was owned by a Singaporean and a Indonesian. It wasn’t really ready when we went there. There were only 5 birds in the bird farm!! *lol*

The Fried Rice tasted really good…

We also saw “papan bunga” along the road on the way to the hotel. It was purely decorated by real flowers, and it will be given as a gift when someone passed away or when someone got married. It’s very different from our culture.

We decided to stay at Wisma Sebaya Hotel for the last night.

Saw this quote when I walked in. What money can buy. *Love it*

Wanted to go out for a walk and dinner after putting our luggages into our room, but it rained heavily. So, we had our dinner inside the hotel instead, hoping that the rain will stop so we can go out for a walk after dinner.

Fried Rice Special with Chicken

Fried Rice Special with Beef

We went out that night although it was still raining. Wanted to go to the fruit market, but it was closed early due to raining. So, we walked back to our hotel, and that’s the end of Day 5. The next morning, which was our last day in Indonesia, we had our breakfast and then went to the fruit market.

Fried Noodles

Took some pictures on the way to the fruit market and also some pictures of the fruit market itself. 🙂

After that, we (children) went for horse riding. Then, together with family, we went for horse carriage ride. 😀

We stopped somewhere to take some pictures. There, we can see the Mount Sinabung Volcano. After taking some pictures, we continued with the horse carriage ride.

After the horse carriage ride, we went back to the hotel to pack our stuff. Around 12pm, we checked out from the hotel and our driver took us for lunch and then, to the airport. We had “Nasi Padang” for lunch. Finally, we get to taste the “actual” Indonesian food. And it was really delicious. A little too spicy, but tasty!!

God’s Beautiful Creation


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