Lake Toba, Indonesia (Day 1 & 2)

Went to Lake Toba for vacation on 27th May 2011 to 1st June 2011 with family and dad’s friend, Uncle Yao, together with his family. It was really relaxing and I had an enjoyable time there. We did a lot of activities there like cycling around Tuk-tuk town, plucked corn, horse riding, horse carriage riding, played pool, etc… The people there were very friendly and it’s nice staying among them. The place was cooling, not to mention the water was freezing when we bathe. The food were delicious as well. Although the food in some of the restaurants were very salty, but overall, it taste good!!

I took a lot of pictures of the trip, as usual… But this time there’s an additional thing for you enjoy. Guess what?? There’s a video too!! So, you can enjoy seeing the pictures and also enjoy watching the video! This is my 1st time filming and my 1st time editing video, making it into a movie (slideshow). Will post the video below. Don’t forget to leave your comment.

Trip to Lake Toba, Indonesia from Amanda Cheong on Vimeo.


My brother, Amos & me

Leaving Penang. The view was very nice!!

Reaching Medan, Indonesia

After reaching Medan, we took a taxi to Lake Toba, and it was about 4 hours drive. When we reached the jetty of Lake Toba, we took a boat to Bagus Bay, where our hotel is. The pictures below are all at Lake Toba.

God’s beautiful creation. 🙂

Sipiso-Piso Waterfall. More about this later.

Bagus Bay. We stayed here on the 1st and 2nd night.

Our room. Unique huh? It’s a traditional Batak house. 😉

Oh, there were a lot of dogs and other animals there. The dogs were very cute and tamed too. They hardly bark. Even if they barked, it was only because they wanted you to pat them. 🙂

On the 1st night, we ordered a lot of food. In fact, too much. We didn’t expect the portion to be so big. And the food were very salty.

Passion Fruit Juice. The black black thing are the seeds.

Avocado Juice

Fried Noodles Special

Rendang Chicken. It came with white rice. Taste good (minus the saltiness, of course).

Spring Roll

Fried Fish with Butter Sauce

After dinner, the guys played pool while the others went back to their room. It was still early and I couldn’t sleep. So, I took some pictures of them playing. My brother learnt how to play pool that night.

The next morning, we went to Tabo Cottages for breakfast and lunch. It is also a hotel and that’s where I found wi-fi. It was a few minutes walk from Bagus Bay.

Dad ordered hot lemon juice for us.

After lunch, we went to Emmanuel’s Wood Carving shop. The owner actually carved the wood himself. It was really beautiful. Dad bought a cicak (lizard), as it represents good luck there.

After that, dad, mum, Amos, Aunty Sin Dee & me went cycling. We wanted to go to the Tomok market at first. Uncle Yao rented a motorcycle and rode to the market, but he came back halfway, saying that it’s too far.  So, we cycle around Tuk-tuk. After a while, dad & mum got tired and went back to the hotel, leaving Aunty Sin Dee, Amos & me, as we still got a lot of energy to cycle. We ended up cycling half of Tuk-tuk town. It was fun.

After cycling, we went back to the hotel to rest, and that was when I learned how to play pool. 😉 It’s very addictive once you started playing.

As for dinner, we went to Alyssa’s Restaurant. The food were tasty and we all enjoyed it. Partly because we were hungry that time. We ordered a few dishes with white rice.

Taucu Fish

Sweet & Sour Fish

Roast Chicken

After dinner, we went back to our hotel to see the traditional Batak dance. After watching the performance for a while, we went back to our room.

That’s the end of Day 1 & 2. Will post Day 3 & 4 in the next post, and Day 5 & 6 in another. 🙂

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