The Greatest Relationship Of All

Many of my friends are currently in a relationship. Well, I’m in a relationship too, and his name is Jesus. And I’m here to share with you about Him. He’s my best friend, my comfort, my provider, my savior, and etc. He’s everything everyone would want, if they know about Him. He never condemn, reject, betray, or even hurt us. You don’t even have to worry about Him cheating on you!! (LOL) And the greatest thing of all is that He’ll show you great miracles, which I don’t think anyone on earth can do that. All we gotta do is accept Him & invite Him into our heart.

Do you ever have a little voice in you that talks to you? The little voice that calms you down and tells you to do what’s right? I’m not talking about conscience. A conscience is like a gut that tells you what’s right from what’s wrong. The little voice I’m talking about is much greater than a conscience. For example, when you’re feeling angry and couldn’t forgive someone, that little voice in you will try to calm your anger and it’ll tell you to forgive that person. Even if you try to fight it saying that you’re right and that person is wrong, and there’s no way you could forgive him/her, it’ll tell you that it’s the right thing to do. Sometimes, it’ll even reminds you about a verse you’ve once read from the bible. Sometimes it’ll even challenge you to do something, like talking to the person sitting at the corner alone. This voice is God’s grace.

I’ve learnt something about grace. It is not mercy. Many times, people confused grace with mercy. Mercy is when you did something wrong, and then you ask God for forgiveness, but it can never change you. Why?? Because you can always repeat that same mistake. For example, you stole something and you know it’s wrong. Then you pray, asking God for forgiveness and you promised that you’ll never do that again. After some time, you steal again and ask God for forgiveness, promising that this is the last time. But after some time, you did it again. See what I mean? That’s what mercy is – God’s forgiveness. Grace is something simpler. It’s about God working in and through us. And from there, we can CHOOSE to do what’s right. Grace also allows us to produce “fruits”. When God is working in us, what we reflect out is God’s character. The “fruits” I’m talking about is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22). See the difference now? God loves us, that’s why He has mercy on us. But it is by His GRACE that changes us. 😀

This is why having a relationship with Him is the greatest relationship of all. Christianity is not only a religion, but rather, it’s a RELATIONSHIP. No one on earth can understand you better than Him. No one can show you great & mighty things like Him. And you know what’s great? No one can love you as much as Him, because He died to save us all. That’s true love, and the greatest love no one can ever give you. And the best thing is, you can share Him with others. 🙂


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