My 19th Birthday

First of all, I know the last post I wrote in my blog was around a month ago. Sorry that I haven’t been blogging recently and some of you have been urging me to update my blog. Well, finally I’ve found the mood to do it (hehe…). I guess you all know from the title above, that I’m gonna write about my 19th birthday in this post!! (^.^) I had an awesome birthday and I’ve been enjoying myself for the entire day!! Well, there were surprises here and there, good and not-so-good (I wouldn’t say bad cuz it was not that bad), but overall, it was still AWESOME!! So here’s what happened on the 10th of March 2011….

A few minutes before the clock strike 12, the electricity went off!! Surprised from TNB!! *LOL* It came back a few minutes after 12. In between, I logged into Facebook and read those birthday wishes posted by my friends. I really thank God for them because they distracted me from feeling hot that time. Not only that, some of them stayed up until 12 just to wish me “Happy Birthday” even though they have school the next day!! So, after a while of reading and replying their messages, I went to bed.

The next morning, I went to school with Katrina as she wanted to see a teacher and discuss with her about our school annual dinner. It was heavy rain that morning, so we got a little wet. Then, we found out that the teacher we were looking for, was on M.C.!! *GREAT!!* So, we ended up sitting in the canteen, talking. After a while, we decided to go Queensbay only to realized that we’re too early and most of the shops haven’t open yet. Ended up, she dropped me home and I spend the entire morning at home. But it was kinda cool staying at home because I get to read more birthday wishes from my friends and those wishes really cheer me up!! 😀

Around 1pm, my dad went to fetch my brother back from school and we went out for lunch around 3. (I know… 3pm isn’t exactly lunch anymore, but we usually have our lunch late.) Anyway, dad took us for Sushi and we came straight home after eating. Around 5.30pm, Qing Ling took me out for dinner and we went to Eastern Wishes for Thai food!! She even pay for my dinner!! Thank you, Qing Ling!! 😀 We then went to Queensbay Mall for a walk and bought some stuff. I had an amazing time with her. She dropped me back home around 9.

A few minutes after I reached home, my dad changed and leave the house. It was pretty normal for him to leave at this time because he usually meets his friends at this time. I didn’t think of anything else. :-p Around an hour later, he came back and guess what??!! He bought an ice-cream cake for me!! It was truly a surprised!! Then my brother gave me a present!! Another surprised!!! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting all of these. But that’s not all that surprised me that night, turns out, it was my brother’s idea about the present and also the ice-cream cake!! He told my dad after school that he couldn’t find something nice for me and my dad took him to a mall to buy something for me. WOW!! That surprised me most!! 😀

But still, that’s not all. My birthday didn’t end that night. The next day, after cell group (or known as XL group now), my friends surprised me with a cake!! Actually, it was for 3 of us (John, Esther & me) whom birthday fall on the 1st quarter (January – March), but sadly, John couldn’t make it on that day and Esther went home early. 🙁 So I was the only one. Anyway, I was truly touched by what everyone did on that day. I’m blessed with an amazing family and I have great friends who are wonderful & thoughtful…what else can I ask for?? Thank you everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes, videos, cards, and cakes. Also, I wanna thank my brother, Amos for the present and his thoughtful ideas.  I had an awesome birthday indeed!! <3

The ice-cream cake from my family.

The present my brother got for me… Pretty!!

The cake my cg friends bought.

Haha… The 2 crazy guys!! Epic!! Love this picture!!

The last 2 pictures above was taken from Rachel’s blog because I didn’t take any picture that time. Well, that’s all that happened and it was truly a memorable one!! I couldn’t stopped smiling from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed. So, you can imagine how happy I was celebrating my 19th birthday!!

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