There is a song called “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift and it seems that she wrote it for Adam Young (from Owl City).  Then, a few days ago (if I’m not mistaken), there was another version of “Enchanted” sung by Adam Young and it was a respond to Taylor’s Enchanted. It’s almost the same but some of the words in the lyrics were edited and he posted it in http://owlcitymusic.com/vday/ . I find that really sweet. So, for those who haven’t seen the video or listen to the song yet, here it is!

This is Taylor’s version

And this is by Adam Young. =)

[I know the message on the video is hard to read. So, go to the website I mention above to read it. (^.^)]

I hope you enjoy both of the songs. They are simply AMAZING!! I love the last part of Adam’s version. 🙂


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