2010 – What An Awesome Year!

Year 2010 is now come to its end. I just gotta say that 2010 is an awesome year for me. I’ve learnt and experience a lot of new things this year. There were definitely a lot of “1st time”s in this year.

1) It’s my 1st year in college and it has been awesome. There are 2 semesters this year and I enjoyed both of the semesters. I get to learn new things and make new friends.

2) If you read my blog often, you’ll know that I don’t really like arts when I was young as I’m not good at it. I’m more towards Science. So, this is my 1st time I actually studied arts throughout the year. Surprisingly, I really enjoy it. Although, I’m not good at it in Semester 1, but I can see improvements in this semester and my results have improved too. I really thank God for His guidance everyday and in every class. I couldn’t have done it without Him. I don’t have any C’s in my results this semester. Praise God for that!

3) It’s my 1st time serving in a ministry in church. I’ve been going to church for a while, but I never served due to school and tuitions. Not to mention my parents want me to focus more on my studies. So this year, I finally get to serve and I chose to serve in Media Ministry. Doing projection is fun and I’ve learnt a lot through Media itself. Thank you, Manfred for teaching me everything I need to know, when I joined Media.

4) I finally get to go Youth Camp after 10 years! The last time I went youth camp was in year 2005 and again, due to studies, I cannot get to go…until this year! Camp was really fun. I really enjoyed myself, make new friends and learn more about God.

5) I went for water baptism this year!! I was born in a Christian family so I never get baptized until this year! I’m really happy to see some of my cg (cell group) friends there on the day I was baptized. I thank God for blessing me with such great friends who are always there for me. 🙂

6) Finally, I can feel my relationship with God grew closer this year. As I said in number 2, I’m not good at Arts. So, I have struggles in college especially during drawing class in Semester 1 and I learn to rely and depend on God’s strength. I know with my own strength, I wouldn’t have made it. I believe He chose this course for me for a reason, and He’s gonna guide me through the end.

There were more amazing things that happened this year, but these are the main ones that really changed my life. I know 2011 will be even greater compared to 2010. If 2010 is a bad year for you, don’t give up. May 2011 brings you new breakthroughs, new miracles, and new experiences for you as 2011 will be a new beginning for all of us. A new year, a new walk with God. =)


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  1. lingitha says:

    hey amanda…felt very happy when i read this particular story of urs….relly…its nice to hear u have learnt alot….well i also feel the same….this 1 year gap right after spm has relly some good lessons and ive realised many things too….for once we are freed from the pampering school life to the real outside world…..though i miss school sometimes….but the current life that im leading seems more challenging…..n surprisingly its kinda fun !……hope to meet yah soon…..cnt wait…=)))

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