To My CG Friends

1st row, from left – Moy & John

2nd row, from left – Paul, Rachel & SK (his name is actually Samuel)

3rd row, from left – Jonathan, Jayanthi & Me

As you can see from the topic above, this post is for my cg (cell group) friends. I really thank God that He bless me with such friends. They always encourage me when I need it and they’re always there for me. So, to all my cg friends, if you’re reading this, I would like to say THANK YOU for everything.

* Paul, thank you for fetching me to cg and fetching me home every week. Also, thank you for accompanying me when I’m alone or when I need one. The craziness we had with Rachel all the time is very memorable. LOL. You’re always willing to do things for people and you hardly complain about it. You’ll be miss when you leave somewhere next year. I hope you’ll get accepted into the university you wanted. =D Don’t forget to come back and visit!

* Rachel, thank you for everything that you have done including fetching me all the time. Also, all those dinner and supper we had together is surely memorable. Not to mention all those conversations we had and the craziness we did with Paul. 😉 It’s really nice knowing you and I’m glad to have you as my cg leader and also my good friend. May God bless you and guide you through university life. Don’t ever let anyone’s words bring you down. Stand firm and have faith in what you’re doing.

* SK, my cg leader last year. Thank you for your explanation during word that makes it easier to understand and everything else including fetching me to cg sometimes last year. All those crazy things you did with Moy in cg really make our day. I learn a lot from you especially about media. I know you’re always busy, yet you hardly complain about it. Continue to shine for God. 🙂

* Moy, your craziness in cg never gets old. Every week, you’ll have new things up your sleeve to be crazy about. Dance is not only your talent here. You’re always there to cheer people up whenever they’re down. You always make us laugh and put a smile on our faces before we go home. Thank you for that. Don’t ever loose your “craziness”. And with God by your side, I know you’ll excel in your STPM. (^.^)

* Jonathan, you are a great drummer. Do not let anyone look down on you and do not get discourage by their words. Remember that you are willing to play for God and not for anyone else. Never quit because people told you that you’re not good enough. You practice with things around you because you don’t have a drum set at home, shows that you’re hardworking and you really want to improve. Keep hanging on to God and don’t ever let go of something you love to do so much. 🙂

* Jayanthi, it’s really nice knowing and talking to you. The time when we talked a lot during cg outing was really great. Get to know you more that time. Also, thank you for encouraging me when I need it. All the best in your STPM and can’t wait to see you in cg more often!

* John, you are a great person. You always take care of your grandmother, shows that you’re a loving grandson. I’m sure she is lucky to have you. You’re only 16, yet it feels that you have so much responsibility. Do have time for yourself. Now that your exam is over, take time to rest. I hope the buzzing sound in your head will be gone soon. Take care and God bless!

CG outing… 😀

Edlen (the guy in orange), left because of work. You are missed.

SK’s face is very funny in this picture. XD

Rachel’s 20th birthday

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