Water Baptism

Went for water baptism just now. For those of you who don’t know what it is, well, it is sort of a statement of faith – putting your old life behind and stepping into a new life with Christ. It is also a sign of repentance, which means change (a change so drastic the the old person is “buried”). I was born in a Christian family and I never get baptize until today. I finally took a step of faith to do it. It’s like getting into a new level and a step closer with God. There were 6 youths who got baptized just now and 3 of them are from my cell group (Paul, Daniel & me). I’m really happy to see some of my cell group friends there. Below is a video made by Wilson during the baptism.

This was captured by his iPhone 4 and was made with the application called “iMovie”.

These are the youths who got baptized. Picture taken and done by Wilson. 😉

Me, Paul and Rachel

Daniel, Paul, Me, Su Lin & Rachel

video taken by Rachel

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  1. RKMH says:

    It’s good to see you baptise now. Am very happy for you as now you are stepping a new life with Christ!

    Eh, Paul dont look like paul with his spiky hair!!! haha!!!
    Where’s another picture with Daniel??

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