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Okay, I know I haven’t been blogging for a very long time. Well, I’m back! Anyway, I was on Facebook just now and I was bored. So I look into an application called “Hey I Like”. Some of the quotes and jokes make me laugh, while some make me smile. So, just wanna share some of the jokes and quotes with you. Just to bring a smile on your face. Who knows?? You might be having a bad day and this might cheer you up. (^.^)

Boy : I love you more than anyone.
Girl : Really? Surely someone loves me more.
Boy : Who dares to say that? I love you so much, I would die for you.
Girl : He already did.
Relationships come and go. Christ’s love is forever.

Man walks into elevator.
Blonde : T-G-I-F
Man : S-H-I-T
Blonde (Confused) : T–G–I–F–
Man (Slowly) : S–H–I–T–
Blonde : T-G-I-F means Thank God It’s Friday
Man Giggles : Sorry Honey It’s Thursday!

girl : spell ford
guy : f-o-r-d
girl : say it 5 times
guy :
ford ford ford ford ford
girl : say it 3 more times
guy : ford ford ford
girl : what do you use to drink soup
girl : really,because i drink soup with a spoon
guy : damn



In the year of the cow, we had mad cow disease.
In the year of the bird, we had bird flu.
In the year of the pig, we had swine flu.
No wonder we’re screwed in 2012, it’s the year of the dragon!!!


(Bell rings) “start to leave”
Teacher : “HEY the bell does not dismiss you, i do”
Student : “So i guess we did not need to be here since you did not call us in”
Teacher : “No because the bell told you”
Student : “Ok then bye”


Boy : *kneels down on one knee*
girl  : w-what are y-you doing *blushes like crazy*
boy : *looks up and smiles* Ive been wanting to do this for a long time
girl  : *blushes more*
boy : *ties shoe*


Before marriage:
H  : I cant WAIT!
W : Will you leave me?
H  : How can you even say that? :O
W : Will you kiss me?
H  : Every chance I get!
W : Will you cheat on me?
W : Do you love me?
H  : Yes!
W : Darling!


Daughter at age 6 : DADDDYYYY! I LOVE U! 🙂
Dad : I love you too hunny.
Daughter at age 15 : DADDDYYY! I LOVE YOU! 😀
Dad : How much is it gonna cost?


Dear Students,
Don’t think I’m dumb not knowing you’re texting in class. Nobody looks at their crouch and smiles…
From, Teacher




8 year old   : *cant sleep*  im going to mom’s bed
10 year old : *cant sleep* goes to drink a glass with milk
16 year old  : *cant sleep* hmm… im going to check fb to see who’s online




They said women would never vote.
They said the titanic would never sink.
They said man would never fly.
We sometimes trust the wisdom of unwise people.
Cancer can’t be cured today, but tomorrow marks a new beginning.
Dare to hope, and to believe!




1970  : “I’ll talk to you when I see you”
1990  : “I’ll call you”
2000 : “I’ll email you”
2005 : “Can I text you?”
2010  : “Alright, facebook or text?”
2100  : “I’ll send you a telepathic message”




Age 3 — Boy kisses girl. Parents: “Awwww. That’s so cute” *Takes picture*
Age 16 — Boy kisses girl. Dad: “Get the hell away from my daughter!!!!!” *Loads shotgun*




Teacher  : Have you seen God before?
Student  : No Sir.
Teacher : Then there is no God!
Student  : Excuse me sir…
Teacher : What?
Student  : Have you seen your brain before?
Teacher : No.
Student  : Hey guys lets go… Sir didn’t have a brain after all…




Girl : what does that mean? 🙂
Boy : Attractive, Brilliant, Cute, Darling, Elegant, Funny, Gorgeous, Hot!!
Girl : Awwwwww! What does IJK mean?

Haha… That’s all for now. Will post more soon! I hope you enjoy reading ’em.

God Bless! 😀

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