Did modeling just now in college for the 1st time. Wondering how did I get into it? Well, I was actually helping a friend who is in Fashion Department and her assignment was to design any clothes with any materials and find someone to be her model on the runway. I was nervous because I’m not used to so many people looking at me and the heel of the shoes is quite high, which I hardly wear such high heels. Anyway, when the emcee explain to all of us about how many times should we pose and stuff like that, I was actually shaking because people were starting to crowd around the exhibition hall, waiting to see the fashion show. The first round was only the models where each models must walk the runway with 3 poses. And the second round was the models together with their respective designers. I was nervous at first, but after a while, I kinda had fun. My designer, Rose’s concept was Floral and I like her design! All of the designers’ design on the fabric was not made from cloth like the ones we all wear everyday, but it was made from old fabric and tissue paper with gum? (If I’m not mistaken). So, it’s actually hard and has the shape of it already. Okay, enough talking. Time for the pictures!!

Me & my designer, Rose. The outfit in this picture was design and made by her. The brown sticks was actually real. Everything on this outfit is either glued or sew. =)

Ivy & Me. Her designer’s concept was clown.

Some designers’ concept are even made from newspapers, as you can see the girl on the right.

Not sure what is the concept of the outfit of the 1st model on the left, but the concept for the 2nd model is galaxy, and the model next to her is Thailand concept and not sure about the other girl on the right.

That’s it about my experience in modeling. There were more models with different concept but sad to say, I didn’t take their pictures. =( Anyway, God Bless!


  1. lingitha says:

    Hey amanda!!….u look STUNNING and DIFFERENT!!!!…….The design that ur designer made is relly WOW!!!,…..and u look so beautiful and matured too!!… my class penolong tingkatan maju d….hey keep up the good job gurl!!!…..=)….

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