10 Things I Miss About School

Many people said that they miss school life all the time, but, what do they actually miss about school? After 9 months in college, I’ve realized what I miss about school. Some are big while mostly are just small, little things. Although it’s just small, little things, but it matters too because it’s these things that add up to create school life.

So, here are the 10 things I miss about school :

1) The long school holidays. Seriously, you don’t get much holidays when you’re in college. (Although there are 2 weeks break every term, but when comes to holidays like Raya or Deepavali, there’s only 1 or 2 days off. Not to mention there will be replacement on Saturday for these holidays).

2) The school itself. I haven’t gone back to visit the school since this year starts. I heard that there are some changes in the school and I can’t wait to go back one day to see it for myself.

3) My classmates and school friends. I haven’t seen them for so many months already. Although, I do chat with some of my friends in Facebook sometimes, but there’s no “real” conversation where we talk face-to-face. Even some of my classmates are no longer in Penang. Hope to catch up with them this Raya holidays as they will be coming back. =)

4) The teachers. Again, I haven’t gone back to school this year. So, I haven’t seen them…yet. I miss the times when they spoon-feed us almost everything and the jokes they made in class, so that the lesson won’t be so boring. (^.^)

5) Science. Honestly, I miss studying Science. I remember the times when we’re doing experiments in class – all those concentration to get the experiment right and playing with the substances after the experiment is over, just brings back memories.

6) Modern Maths. I loved doing maths (only modern maths) when I was in form 4 & 5. It’s the easiest subject among all and it’s fun doing it. I would finish the entire exercises given by my tuition teacher although he didn’t ask to do all of it in 1 week. =D

7) The Canteen Food. This may sound crazy, but I do miss the canteen food. I know that I’ve been eating the food for 11 years, and maybe that’s why I miss it now. I remember every time when I’m on library duty, I would get permission from the teacher to have an early recess before going for duty, and I would either eat the fried maggie mee or the malay economy rice. This is because these 2 stalls will always be crowded with students during recess time. So, by going for recess early, I don’t have to line up and crowd myself there.

8 ) The classroom. I miss the environment of the classroom when it is always filled with noise, laughter and jokes. The classroom itself contains a lot of memories. There are times when we argued and fight, there are times when we made a fool of ourselves, there are times when we joke around, there are times when we laugh and cry, there are also times when we just can’t stop chit-chatting.

9) The events. During school year, there are lots of events such as sports day, canteen day and also teachers’ day. This is the time when we all get busy decorating and discussing about who will bring the food and drinks. This is also the time when we get to see the performances done by our friends. It’s definitely filled with joy and laughter.

10) Last but not least, the assembly we had every Monday. Like I said, little things count too. Some of us don’t quite like assembly time because when it comes to assembly, it only means one thing – reminders from the headmistress…and I mean lots of reminders. Reminders like “Keep the school clean”, “Do not be absent from school”, “Exam is just around the corner. Make sure you girls are prepared”, “Keep up the school image”, and many more. She always tells us to have good attitude in everything we do and everywhere we go, and that’s good because even after we leave school, we will still remember her reminders and bring the good attitude with us, not to mention being a better person.

We may complain and whine all the time saying “Can school be anymore boring?” or “Great! It’s History now. I hope the teacher is absent or busy that she won’t be entering class today.” or even “What?! She’s using CD to teach again? CD is just so boring… Time to sleep!” but isn’t it funny that these things are also part of the memories we have in school? These are the little things we used to say but I guess we don’t say those things anymore in college. These things can only be found in school life!! =)


  1. lingitha says:

    oh yeah…..thats absolutely true amanda…….i relly miss those memories…..we had…..we were like caterpillars…..now a butterfly…..searching n settling down wth our destiny……haish…..hope can go back to school again…=)

  2. faralisa says:

    rely miss u too..
    n miss all my cgl frenz…
    especially 5MAHIR N MISS CHOW…
    really miz u guys….
    but the want things i want the most.
    study back when we in the form5,
    I cant forgot the incident happen to me…
    for 3 month to hospital n stay home…
    really miss that time.

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