Goodbye Semester 1, Hello Semester 2!

Semester 1 has ended and my results were okay, I guess. It’s satisfying for now since it’s only Semester 1. But I need to push myself more if I wanna improve. Today is the first day of Semester 2. Got my new timetable and it’s pack with 6 different subjects! I’ll be having classes everyday starting from today. Not only that, I’ll also be having 4 periods of Drawing class on Wednesday! Entering Semester 2 is like entering a new level. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I hope I’ll be able to do well this semester and that my grades will improve.

There are some new subjects to study this semester like Illustration Technique, Malaysian Studies (which is compulsory), and Basic Printmaking but sad to say, there will not be photography class. There is also Basic Painting but my lecturer has taught us (January intake students) a little about it last term. I guess what makes 2nd Semester different is not only the new subjects I’ll be learning or different lecturers that will be teaching me, but also my new classmates. Starting this semester, we (my Semester 1 classmates and I) will not be in the same class anymore. We will be going to our respective classes according to the course we have chosen (except Malaysian Studies subject because everyone will be in one class) and combine with the March intake students. So, there will be new faces in my class now and new friends to mix with. I believe amazing things will happen and I pray for God’s guidance throughout this semester. (^.^)

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