My 1st Drawing & Photography Outing

Last Tuesday (13th April 2010), Mr Melvin, our Drawing lecturer took us to Esplanade to draw. It’s a little different than drawing in class because there were so many people passing by trying  to take a look on our drawing. But it’s an interesting experience. At least we don’t have to draw in class all the time. That would be boring. I hope we can get to draw more outside of the classroom.

My classmates. (^.^)

Mr. Melvin (drawing lecturer). =)

From left : Shin Ni, Fooi Chean & me…

Anneliese. She’s one of my friends who are good at drawing. She’s taking Fashion Technology as her course.

On Thursday (15th April 201o), our Photography lecturer, Mac Tan took us outing for us to take some shots. It was our 1st photography outing. We went to Kek Lok Si Temple and took pictures on perspective, lines, balance, patterns and more for our 1st photography assignment. I won’t be uploading the pictures on the assignment but here are some pictures of my friends and I. (^.^)

Mac Tan. Our Photography lecturer.

Mi Qun, Fooi Chean, Shin Ni, Me & Min Yi

Shin Ni, Me & Benjamin

Iou Lin, Fooi Chean, Me, Mi Qun & Fooi Chean

Me, Kris, & Anneliese

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