Wow!! Time do pass by fast. Just a blink of an eye and it’s already February! I know my last update was in January. Well, here are some updates on what’s going on.

– College is still great! Had my 1st assignment to do and it’s due on week 8, which is next 3 weeks. For 2D and Colour Studies, we are required to make a carrier (to put things inside. For example, a bag, a box…etc…). For Drawing class, we need to draw a pile of oranges and also a handkerchief. And for Computer Studies, we need to design a milk carton.

– Followed my dad to PECC (Penang E-Community Club) last 2 Friday and helped out by guiding the senior citizen on using Facebook. Bernice was the teacher and the volunteers including me were there to help. I’m gonna teach them about blogging soon! (^.^)

– I finally get to serve in one of the Ministry in church, and I chose to serve in Media Ministry. (I guess it’s kinda relevant to the course I’m taking too.)

– Went to EPCC (Excel Point Community Church)’s Chinese New Year open house. Had a great time there with my friends.

– Went shopping with mum last Saturday and I bought some clothes for Chinese New Year.

– Registered for my driving license. Will have to go through theory and practical in order for me to get my ‘L’ license. And guess what?? I’m going for the 3 hours theory next Sunday and I can’t wait! Soon, I’ll be able to drive on the road.

– There will be no college for 1 week starting this Saturday due to Chinese New Year holidays!

– Last but not least, Chinese New Year is this Sunday! It’s on the same day as Valentine’s Day. Will be having reunion dinner with my family on Chinese New Year Eve. I got a feeling that it’ll be an awesome night!

Well,  that’s it for now. Will update on my Chinese New Year holidays soon! (^.^)

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