College Life

Time pass by so fast as it is now the middle of January 2010 and I’m in college!! How awesome is that?! Wondering which college and course I chose? Well, I’m studying at Equator Academy of Arts doing Graphics & Multimedia Design. At first, I never thought that I would choose this course and that I would be interested in it. It just came to me. I guess God had answer my prayers on which direction to go after high school. Thank God for that because I’m loving it there!!

This course doesn’t require any books which means I don’t have to study or memorize anything. It only requires creativity. There’s no exams to stress myself and definitely no “last minute studies”. Marks will be given in every work I’ve done in the class and will be added up at the end of the term as my exam grade. Cool huh?? Now there are only 3 subjects to learn because the course will only begin in March. So for the January intake students, we are now learning the basic. For example,  subjects like Drawing by Mr. Melvin Arlegui, 2D and colour studies by Mr. Chris Choo and Computer studies by Mr. Collin Teng. I never like drawing and painting because I’m not good at it but after attending these classes, I’m starting to like it. In fact, I enjoy every lessons of every classes.

And about the classes… Mr. Melvin would let us hear music playing from his laptop during his lessons to relax our mind, Mr. Collin would teaches us how to use Adobe Illustrator which we all enjoy creating all kind of shapes and other cool stuffs from it and Mr. Chris teaches us the fun of mixing colours and painting. It’s like we’re kids again. The classes are all really relaxing and fun. In fact, it is too relaxing that I might need some time getting used to it. It is totally different from high school as you can see. Although, I do miss doing mathematics and the experiments in school but I think there’s still nothing compare to the fun I’m having right now at Equator Academy.

It sounds great, right? Well, it is and guess what? This is only the beginning of it. I’m sure it will be more exciting and fun when the course begins in March. Will update on that soon! (^.^)


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    Hello, drop by to say hi~
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    You have a very interesting blog and a sweet family.
    Looking forward for you new post and All the Best for ur college Life.

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