My First Golf Swing at Bukit Jambul Country Club

Since it’s a long holidays, dad arrange golf lessons for my brother and me at the Bukit Jambul Country Club. Both of us have been junior golf members there for some time but so far we have been only using the pool. It would really be a waste to the golf membership if we don’t know how to play golf.

Our first lesson started on Tuesday (15/12/09) and the coach was Mr SS Goon. It was kinda fun but very tiring. Mr Goon taught us about the position and also how to swing. When I reached home, my whole body started to ache and is still aching a little now. But overall, it was not bad. It’s really fun when you manage to hit the balls. Once we know how to play, we are planning to start golfing with my dad in the morning now that schooling is over for me. He has stopped playing golf for a few years as he has no golf kaki to play with him in the morning when all his friends are working. Once we know how to play, we will then be his golf kaki.


PC150453The coach teaching my brother the correct way to hold the golf club.


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