Graduation Day (Last Day of School)

Today is our school’s graduation day. It is also the last day of school for all of us, form five students. Many teachers and students cried just now in school. It’s the last day to share our laughter and tears. The last day to enjoy school life before going out to the “real world”. After the assembly, the teachers gather around and we all (form five students) shook hands with all the teachers. Some teachers even gave us a hug and wish us all the best in everything we do in the future. It is a very sad day as they had been here with us for 5 years. After shaking hands with the teachers, we took pictures with our friends and not to mention our teachers too. Time pass by so fast and it is sad to say that this is the end of high school. And in a few more days, we will be sitting for SPM examination which is the most important and the final exam in high school. After that, we will all be going to our separate ways. Some of us may not even be in Penang anymore and we’ll hardly see each other. Only the memories will remain. Here are the pictures taken in school just now. But before that, I would like to share this video too. It’s a great song for today. (^.^)

These pictures will be part of our memories. All those good times we had together in high school!

PB130331Rupa, me & Tasnim (all different tie we’re wearing… heehee…)

PB130333Grace & me (Thanks for the memories, Grace!)

PB130344Me, Miss Chow (Form Teacher) & Liyana (Class Monitor)

PB130345Class Picture!

PB130348Liyana, Miss Chow, Hui Wern & Me

PB130349Another group picture

PB130350Lee Fen, Thilla & Me

PB130352Liyana, Fathin (My oldest friend) & Me



PB130358Balinee & Me (Thanks for being such a great friend, Balinee!)

PB130359Picture taken with our discipline teacher, Pn. Latha


PB130362Busy signing autographs for friends!

PB130364Picture taken with Joanne (She’s the one that always make the class lively)



PB130368Haha… Yeong Ae purposely make her expression like that.



PB130383Picture taken with Miss Lim (Moral Teacher and also my English teacher in form 3)

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