Sony Ericson T707

Dad bought a handphone for me and my brother yesterday. Both are sony ericsson and mine was T707 model. This model is awesome. If you’re busy answering call, you can just wave your hand over the screen to cancel it. You can do that too to snooze the alarm. Don’t have to press any buttons. Just wave your hand. Cool right? It comes with 3 colours, that is Spring Rose, Rosa Blue and Furious Black. I chose Spring rose. (^.^)  This model also has 3.2 megapixel camera, FM radio and Bluetooth audio streaming. Oh yea, did I also mention that it can change theme between night and day?? There are quite a number of features in this phone to list all out so below are some pictures and video about it. Thanks dad for this wonderful phone!


Spring Rose

39709,xcitefun-t707-see-the-product-1Comes in 3 colours… Rosa Blue, Furious Black & Spring Rose



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