Nyonya Cafe at New World Park, Penang

Went for dinner with family yesterday night at Nyonya Cafe which is located at New World Park, Penang. The food was delicious and the price is quite cheap too. You should go try it. The otak-otak was yummy! Here are some pictures taken.

P8280010Me & Dad

P8280012Mum & My little brother (Oops…He’s not little anymore. He’s actually bigger in size and taller than me!)

P8280015Love the decorations! Very Nyonya style!

P8280020Family photo!

P8280022Chap Chai! (It’s mixed vegetables in Hokkien)

P8280025Jiu Hu Char (A type of vegetable just in case anyone of you don’t know)

P8280028My favourite dish of all… Otak-Otak (Should really try this! You won’t regret ordering it.)

P8280031Dad’s favourite… Kerabu Jantung Pisang

P8280032Looks good, right? Bet it makes you hungry!

P8280040Another decoration.

After having a wonderful dinner at Nyonya Cafe, we went to try out for Fish Spa which is just beside the Nyonya Cafe. The Fish Spa will be on the next post.

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