EPCC 12th Anniversary

On 9th of August, EPCC (Excel Point Community Church) celebrated their 12th Anniversary at Matahari Ballroom, Equatorial Hotel, Penang. It’s a BIG  SUNDAY and the ballroom were filled with many people. People from the English Service. People from the Bahasa Service. And also people from the Mandrine Service. The service was quite enjoying. There are also some performances and the greatest of all is that so many people accepted Christ. Wow!! Here are some pictures taken.

P8092077Performance by the Bahasa Service

P8092082Praise & Worship session

P8092083Performance by Youth

P8092094Performance by the Mandrine Service

P8092099Performance by English Service

P8092102Pastor Sam (EPCC’s Senior Pastor)

P8092106The Cake!

P8092121Friends… (From left : Samuel Tan, Moy, Rachel, Me & Samuel Ong)

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