Memories – My Childhood Friends

This post is specially dedicated to all my closest friends that I’ve known for a very long time. It only seems like yesterday we’re all in primary school laughing and having so much fun. All those joy and laughter that we had together had turned into memories… Memories that I will treasure most and it will never be forgotten. Let’s start with my very best friend, who is always there for me and I spent most of the time with when I was young. And that person is none other than :

* Huey Fern – We were very close to each other when we’re in the primary school. You and Lasheni sat behind me and three of us will always play, talk and had fun together. I remember we even played “Happy Family” just by using pens and pencils to represent us! And everyday, when we came to school early the morning, we would walk around the field chatting just before school starts. Oh yea, you and Ying Shu always sing me a song just to entertain me. XD  We were like sisters back then. And eventhough now we are in different class and might be going into different directions in the future, I will never forget our friendship and all those time we had together… The laughter, the fun, the sadness and even the anger that we shared together are the reasons we became best friends in the first place. (^.^)

* Lasheni – We used to be in the same class when we’re in the primary school. When comes to groupwork, three of us (You, Huey Fern & Me) will always be together. We may not be in the same class now, but we’re in the same Physics Tuition! Last week, after tuition, we were talking about how fast time pass by and somehow we went into the topic of how much we missed primary school. When we were young, I remember we always used to say “Why time pass by so slow?! Can’t wait to go to the secondary school and be like the seniors there. It seems more fun there.” But now we say, “Look at those primary students. It would be so much better if I could just go back in time and be a primary student again. Time pass by so FAST!!” I’m glad that you still remember everything that we used to do during primary school and glad that we’re in the same tuition. At least we can still spend some time with each other every week. heehee….

* Phaik Chern – You sat behind me when we’re in Std. 2 and Fariza sat beside me. I still remember there’s one time when I injured my finger due to paper cut and Fariza thought my finger was injured because of the pen knife. We tried to explain that there is such thing as paper cut but she don’t believe. So, she took a piece of paper and try it on her finger to see if it works but she didn’t succeed injuring her finger. So she kept saying “Paper where can cut finger wan?? See I try also nothing happen…” And we kept laughing non-stop. (p.s : I can still laugh when I think about it now! hahaha….)

*Fathin – We’ve known each other since we’re 3 years old. We went to the same kindergarden together and you will always wear your “power ranger” watch. We always fight and bully each other. That time, we will always hope that we will not get into the same school as each other. But then in Std. 6, you were my partner in class and we still fight sometimes. The “I don’t want to friend you anymore” phase was very common between us. And look where we’re at now? We’re in the same class and we have became good friends. We both even like to watch CSI:NY! That is one of the topic we always talk about during free lessons. All those fighting had definately brought us close together.

Besides these four AMAZING friends, there are still people like Hui Lynn (We used to run around the field playing ice-man in school and we will always remember each other’s birthday because we were born on the same day!), Esther (the class monitor during Std. 2, quiet and also the cutest one… XD), and more. I’m really thankful that I’ve got to know you guys. Eventhough we may not have time for each other anymore, but the memories are still there and it can never fade away. Hopefully after high school, we will still keep in touch with each other. Many people will walk in and out in life, but only some will leave footprints in the heart. And you guys are the one leaving it in my heart. I never regret knowing and having such great friends like you guys.


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